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Son Volt is an American band in the same way that Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen are American artists. All three capture a unique part of America’s essence by looking at their environment and their inner selves and translating what they see into song without being flamboyantly nationalistic. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Son Volt find themselves both in the heart of the Midwest and at the gateway to the West. They don’t see a land of unlimited potential and bountiful resources like the pioneers before them, however, but rather a divided nation watching its once great economy slowly crumble. It makes sense that they named their most recent record, from which all four of the featured songs come, American Central Dust.

MP3 : Son Volt – Dynamite (live on

Band members include Jay Farrar on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, James Walbourne on lead guitar, Andrew Duplantis on bass and backing vocals, Mark Spencer on keyboards and pedal steel, and Dave Bryson on percussion. Together, they create a blend of rock, folk, and country that is undoubtedly American, though distinctly Midwestern.

Whether they’re rocking out with keyboard solos in “Down to the Wire” or gracefully questioning the idea of freedom with the Tarkio-esque “Dynamite,” Farrar’s voice almost croons out his lyrics, sounding like 21st century Eddie Vedder. The most noticeable characteristic of the songs in general is their expression of nostalgia and loss for something long gone or maybe even something that never existed. They indeed paint a picture of dust and ruins and leave the listener with a feeling of isolation but not of despair.

MP3 : Son Volt – Dust Of Daylight (live on

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Recorded and Mixed by Marc Johnson and Eric Klee Johnson at The Pop Machine
Filmed and Edited by Joe Wallace, Michelle Castillo, and Doug Fellegy
Words by Gerard Pannekoek

  • Pringuses

    January 4, 2011 [ 1:59 pm ]

    So I’ve heard, AWE – Marked, on here multiple times now and am really wanting to hear more from them. I’ve searched and searched and cannot find a single thing for/about them online. How in the world are we supposed to find their music? Please help!

  • SurfAdventure

    January 22, 2011 [ 5:38 pm ]

    Same thing here on the AWE track – they are nowhere to be found on the net. Maybe they are and the two words “awe” and “marked” just aren’t unusual enough to kick back a result.

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