New Band Smell : Dolfish

Dolfish is the handle of Max Sollisch, a 22 year-old Cleveland-born singer/songwriter who seems hell-bent on turning back the clock on indie music to about 1985. His debut, the wonderfully-titled Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out, will be released on Valentine’s Day (how apropro) on Indiecater Records. With 5 songs and an 8 minute total running time, a little punk ethos should be expected, but this collection of terse and humorous, albeit sincere, kissoffs has a bitter country heart and recalls a less erudite John Darnielle or Robbie Fulks on a worse than usual day.

Based solely on Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out, I’d say young Max is someone worth keeping an eye on, and probably checking out live (see dates below). The record (EP? Maxi-single?) will be available on limited-edition cassette, limited-edition CD and digitally through iTunes and Amazon music. And though he gave us carte blanch as far as sharing, we’re only posting one song. That’s still 20% of Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out and, hell, a guy’s gotta make a living, right?

MP3 : Dolfish – Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out

Dolfish on Tour
1/14 @ Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
1/15 @ Brillobox – Pittsburgh, PA
1/21 @ Treehouse – Columbus, OH
1/27 @ Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
1/28 @ St. Rose College -Albany, NY
1/29 @ Pa’s LOUNGE – Boston, MA
1/30 @ Dock Street – Philadelphia, PA
1/31 @ Doo Wop Mansion – Pittsburgh, PA

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