Luftmensch’s Last Post of 2010

Once more, I find myself staring at the ass end of a year, wondering, “Is that all there is?” I could try to explain my thoughts about signing on for another go round the sun, the uncertainty, anticipation and ennui, but Chris Hickey beat me to it. Way back in 1997, Hickey’s band Uma released Fare Well. That record contains the song New Year’s Day (Stephen Hawking), the impetus of which Hickey explains as follows:

I saw Stephen Hawking on New Year’s Eve outside a movie theater in North Hollywood in 1994. He was the last person I expected to see that night. I was pleasantly shocked and wrote this song the next morning. “I don’t remember what the future will bring, I should have checked with Stephen Hawking last night.”

No way I can do better than that. Be good.

MP3 : Chris Hickey – Kerouac

  • djmatt

    December 31, 2010 [ 12:12 pm ]

    I was so glad to see that Chris re-released his older material this year. His solo work and band work is as good as it is under-appreciated.

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