New Song + Video : The Dirtbombs : Sharevari (A Number of Names cover)

You gotta love The Dirtbombs. Seriously, you do. Otherwise, you should probably leave right now.

The lords and lady of Detroit garage have recorded a somewhat unlikely love letter to the city they call home. Party Store (get it February 1st from In The Red) finds the primal quintet having their way with Detroit’s “other” influential music scene, techno of the 80’s and early 90’s. Originals by Carl Craig, A Number Of Names and Inner City and treated with love, but make no mistake, it’s tough love as only The Dirtbombs can deilver. Sequencers, synths and drum machines take a backseat to jagged guitars and metronomic drum pummeling.  Put it all in the blender and you’re left with a warts-and-all funky Krautrock smoothie; danceable yet dangerous, perhaps the perfect soundtrack for the ever resilient Motor City.

And lest you think this is simply some cover-by-numbers project, consider the track Bassbin (originally by Innerzone Orchestra), which features synth programming by Carl Craig and clocks in at over 21 minutes. I’m guessing that’s longer than some of The Dirtbombs LPs, and would sound mighty nice on your daily Carmageddon commute. The band and label are giving lead single Sharevari the deluxe treatment (song + video), and I can think of no better holiday tonic.

MP3 : The Dirtbombs – Sharevari (A Number of Names cover)

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