Dodge’s Best of 2010

Honorable Mentions:

Small Black – New Chain
Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
Twin Sister – Color Your Life / Alternates
Dum Dum Girls – I Will Be
Perfume Genius – Learning
Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
The Roots – How I Got Over
Ty Segall – Melted
Titus Andronicus – The Monitor
Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid
Suckers – Wild Smile
Surfer Blood – Astro Coast
The Suzan – Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat

MP3 : The Suzan – Home

The Top 20 of 2010:

20. Sufjan Stevens – Age Of Adz
19. Vampire Weekend – Contra
18. White Denim – Last Day of Summer
17. Twin Shadow – Forget
16. Caribou – Swim

15. Morning Benders – Big Echo
Angelic vocals. Great songs. These guys went next-level in 2010.

MP3 : The Morning Benders – Excuses

14. Girl Talk – All Day
Nobody blends like Gregg Gillis. Twists and turns you never see coming.

MP3 : Girl Talk – Oh No

13. The National – High Violet
These guys just don’t miss a beat. The formula doesn’t change much, but why should it?

MP3 : The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

12. The Walkmen – Lisbon
This album makes me wanna go to Portugal and chill with Hamilton. Romance me, homeboy.

Video : The Walkmen – Juveniles

11. Yeasayer – Odd Blood
These guys live in their own world, but it is a rad, rad place to be. They write songs that remind me of that world from the Aeon Flux cartoon of the 90s, but with heart.

MP3 : Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
MP3 : Yeasayer – O.N.E.

10. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Listen, Funeral will never happen again. It can’t. This is still a pretty great album.

9. Local Natives – Gorilla Manor
When I first watched Local Natives cover Simon & Garfunkel’s Cecilia, I was amazed at how cohesive the group was. Five guys in complete sync – like they’d practiced that song a million times. This album felt that way as well. It is pretty close to a picture-perfect debut.

MP3 : Local Natives – Wide Eyes

8. Crystal Castles – S/T II
I don’t much like them as people, but I can’t deny they get my blood pumping.

7. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot : The Son Of Chico Dusty
Shake a tailfeather. I’ve always kind thought Andre 3000 carried Outkast. I stand corrected.

6. Beach House – Teen Dream
Just a sonically stunning album. The super model of 2010 albums.

MP3 : Beach House – Norway


5. The Black Keys – Brothers
Glad to see somebody still has some balls around here. And some new-found funky balls at that.

Video : The Black Keys – Tighten Up

4. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today
Whoa, he’s always been weird as f#%k, but he writes some great melodies and hooks now too!? This was not what I expected from Ariel Pink, and I am so glad he is capable of it.

3. Sleigh Bells – Treats
Ring. Ring. These two are awesome, live and recorded. You’re silly to hate on it.

MP3 : Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em

2. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
No one man should have all that power. Fuck that, I’m really glad he does. Thanks for not being boring, Ye.

MP3 : Kanye West ft. Dwele – Power

1. Robyn – Body Talk
I shamelessly listened to, and loved, her ALL. YEAR. LONG.

Video : Robyn – Dancing On My Own

I can’t objectively put Burnt Ones’ Black Teeth & Golden Tongues in my list, since they’re on my label, but if I could, it would be in my Top Five.

MP3 : Burnt Ones – Gonna Listen To T-Rex (All Night Long)

  • dr. gindel

    December 22, 2010 [ 2:26 pm ]

    Ah Dodge, well i knew this list would be shit! Honorable Mention for Deerhunter, WTF? Also, Girl Talk at 14? GT isn’t and hasn’t been relevant for a couple years, unless you are a 17-21 y.o. getting your fourloco on. All day sounds the same as his other shit. This blog entertains me by proving exactly how far removed from anything interesting or truly progressive it posts about is. No depth, but i guess that’s what happens in the MW. Thanks for the consistency baby and i’ll look forward to more of the same from you in ’11!

    yours with affection,

    Dr. Gindel

  • Dodge

    December 22, 2010 [ 2:38 pm ]

    We’re thankful that you’ve shared your opinions with us in 2010, Dr. Gindel! You’ve been one of our most consistent haters, and we just appreciate that you engage with us!

  • C.

    December 22, 2010 [ 2:54 pm ]

    I have to agree with Dr. Gindel here. For a blog that is connected to a scene of music that is claimed to be “standout,” this list is pretty conformist to just about anything Pitchfork or other major “indie” sites say. You explaining how shamelessly you listen to your #1 choice also does not prove that you have a wide variety of musical taste because it lies within the somewhat mainstream realm along side independent music, either.

  • Moka

    December 22, 2010 [ 2:58 pm ]

    Ariel Pink has always been writing great melodies and hooks! The only thing that has changed is that he has toned down the

  • Moka

    December 22, 2010 [ 2:59 pm ]

    …weirdness and eccentric production and the pop shines out a whole lot more in this album.

  • Dodge

    December 22, 2010 [ 3:10 pm ]

    Good point Moka, they just aren’t buried under noise any longer.

  • Dodge

    December 22, 2010 [ 3:16 pm ]

    C., I’m not going to change what I like the absolute most so I don’t appear to be conformist. As “indie music” continues to be marketed to “the mainstream” via commercials and TV shows, the music we’ve been talking about for years isn’t going to seem as cutting edge. I’ve loved The Black Keys, The National, The Walkmen, etc long before they crossed boundries, but the great part is they haven’t sacrificed or “sold out” their sound in that process. They’re still putting out great albums. High Violet doesn’t seem adventurous, but you probably didn’t gripe at Alligator when it found its way onto lists years ago.

  • C.

    December 22, 2010 [ 3:44 pm ]

    You’re right; I didn’t gripe about Alligator, because it never interested me and I was just never a fan of it. I’m not saying that you should change your choices for the list, I would never suggest that. What I’m saying is that your reasoning as to why you enjoy these doesn’t seem very genuine. Elaborate: explain what interests you about these albums rather than trying to make a witty comment, because without legitimate opinions on these, nothing really separates your list from Pitchfork’s or any other independent music site’s.

  • Micah

    December 22, 2010 [ 4:18 pm ]

    I love how a list that features bands that 90% of Americans haven’t heard of is somehow considered “conformist.” If you head over to semi-mainstream sites (Spinner, etc.), their list features a similar set of bands/albums, but tons of commenters are like, “Who?”

    Simply because a general consensus exists among people who love indie music doesn’t mean that they are conformist. Cheers to you Dodge for liking what you like, regardless of its potential mainstream appeal.

  • C.

    December 22, 2010 [ 5:07 pm ]

    90%; did you take a survey? Either way, a blog with a purpose to introduce people to new music using a list that has quite a bit of the same selections that other popular sites have just detracts me from it. The final outcome is that it’s always opinion, and lists are subjective. I just think that list has little explanation as to why they enjoy the music that they do. Oh well, music journalism doesn’t need to be passionate anymore… I suppose.

  • Jay

    December 22, 2010 [ 5:45 pm ]

    Titus Andronicus put out the best album of the year. Love that Robyn too though.

  • Berk

    December 23, 2010 [ 3:07 am ]

    Holy crap two hip hop albums in your top 10? ?? Cra cray. If only you ignored the word “mixtape” on Freddie Gibbs’ St8 Killa and there could have a been a third.

  • Micah

    December 23, 2010 [ 6:45 pm ]

    C, go up to 100 random people and ask them about Sleigh Bells, Pink Graffiti, Caribou, or most of the other bands on this list (except Kanye, Big Boi, and maybe Arcade Fire) and you’ll get a blank stare most of the time. Go to Metacritic’s tracking of the Best of 2010 and you’ll see a lot of similar records getting votes in the top 10. The phrase “critical consensus” applies here. There’s a reason that Picasso is Picasso and other painters are not: critical consensus. Is it possible that some of the more well known indie bands made the year’s best albums? Is it also possible that it’s become harder and harder for a myriad of good bands to remain obscure or undiscovered (due to the internet and the growth of indie music)?

    If you have a better list, make it and post it here (or somewhere). I’m interested in checking out who’s in your top ten.

  • C.

    December 26, 2010 [ 1:35 pm ]

    I wasn’t critiquing his choices; I just wanted to know why Dodge chose them because I’d like to understand his choices as opposed to looking at them numerically. Why are you assuming that I think my list is *better* than his? No list can be better than another, it’s just merely opinion.

    If you’re curious, though:
    10. Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?
    9. Yellow Swans – Going Places
    8. Out Like Lambs – Not So Winter Waltz
    7. Kellen Shipley – Found Out West
    6. Turrks – Bisbee
    5. Clipd Beaks – To Realize
    4. Baths – Cerulean
    3. Daughters – Daughters
    2. Pospulenn – Sun People Sleepwalker
    1. Zs – New Slaves

    How can you ask about obscurely good music being more difficult to find? We have the internet at our disposal, it’s just a question of effort.

  • duckduckgeese

    December 29, 2010 [ 10:47 am ]

    Great site and great list thanks.

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