MOKB News : MAN-CAT Under Attack In Tempe, AZ

Over the last couple months, I’ve gotten a steady trickle of reports out of Tempe, AZ about an increasingly radical underground sampled music collective known only as MAN-CAT. Details have been few and far between (and only one photo is known to sexist, see below), but I will share what I’ve been able to piece together. Recent months have witnessed the escalation of a covert war being waged between sample-junkies like MAN-CAT and a shadowy oversight organization known as The Association for Artistic Integrity, whose modus operandi is conveniently summarized in the following PSA.

According to an official statement issued by AAI:

Nearly every layer of MAN-CAT’s “music” is shamelessly stolen, sampled and repurposed from already existing pop music. NOTHING this despicable collective creates is remotely original or worth any merit. MAN-CAT is aiming for the death of true art and originality.

Lest you doubt the seriousness of recent events in Tempe, I offer this disturbing footage depicting the capture and forcible reprogramming of a MAN-CAT member. At last report, this incident has resulted in MAN-CAT striking back at AAI with a music video cobbled together from a pizza delivery porn with questionable production values. We also have reports that MAN-CAT has launched a campaign designed to win the hearts and minds of cultural consumers, namely free downloads of their manifesto, the Hunt, Catch & Kill EP. We will bring you more information as it becomes available. What follows is a recording of their most recent communication, Yeast.

MP3 :  MAN-CAT – Yeast

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