New Video : True Margrit : Opposite, Opposite Man

Long mainstays on the San Francisco music scene, piano-powered trio True Margrit are getting ready to ride the wave of a double-barreled publicity onslaught. Not only are they preparing to release their fifth full-length, The Stranger In Us, but have also contributed music to writer/director writer Scott Boswell’s film of the same name. Newly available on DVD, The Stranger In Us is a gritty, verité-style drama that chronicles the life of Anthony, a newcomer to San Francisco, who attempts to come to terms with his abusive ex-lover after striking up an unlikely friendship with a street hustler.

Perhaps not surprisingly, True Margrit’s song Opposite, Opposite Man is doing double-duty, serving as both the film’s musical theme, as well as the lead single from The Stranger In Us.

  • Andrew

    December 26, 2010 [ 7:24 pm ]

    Just FYI – it’s True MARgrit, not True “magrit”. :-)

  • Luftmensch

    December 26, 2010 [ 7:31 pm ]

    My apologies. Thanks Andrew.

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