New Song : Holcombe Waller : Risk Of Change

I feel like MOKB has held up our end of the singer-songwriter bargain in 2010. From reporting Sufjan Stevens’ every move to gassing up the Anthony D’Amato bandwagon and training the spotlight on the reclusive Marco Mahler, we’ve done the legwork. And since Holcombe Waller was seemingly dropped on our doorstep, I see no reason to stop now.

Waller’s brand of chamber-flavored folk has understandably garnered him more than a few comparisons to the aforementioned Stevens. That being said, after enjoying Risk Of Change a couple dozen times, I can’t help but feel that Waller is packing more than a little Leonerd Cohen in his bag of tricks. Certainly Waller is blessed with a decidedly more impressive vocal range, but with its gently fingerpicked guitars and candid frozen-in-time vignettes of NYC in winter, it’s difficult to ignore that Risk Of Change shares at least some DNA with Famous Blue Raincoat. A great and heartbreaking song, perfect for heavy drinking during the holiday season.

Risk Of Change was cherry-picked from Waller’s Kickstarter fan-funded album, Into The Dark Unknown, which will be released by Napolean Records on February 22. Using only this tune as a barometer, I’d say fans are getting a bargain.

MP3 : Holcombe Waller – Risk Of Change

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