MOKB Holiday Interview Series : Hyro Da Hero

Hyro Da Hero is a long-time member of the MOKB family, and it’s been pretty great to witness him developing his craft over the last few years. Hyro’s been a little quiet lately, which is always a sure sign that our man is up to something big. When pressed (not too hard), he admitted that he’s got one in the chamber in the form of his first official full-length release, though you can still lay hands on his last mixtape, Belo Horizonte, free of charge.

Fresh back in Los Angeles after taking in T-Giving in hometown Houston, Hyro took a little time out from planning his world domination and watching little brother Jamal tearing it up for the University of New Mexico cagers, to talk about his impending release and to break down the holidays.

MOKB : Any special musical plans for the Holiday Season? Any specials songs or shows?

Hyro Da Hero : No Hyro Da Hero Special Christmas Album under your tree this year.

MOKB : What project(s) have you been working on lately?

Hyro : This spring I will release will my first album titled Birth, School, Work, Death. No samples. All original music. Produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, The Cure). I hooked up with bassist Paul from At The Drive In, Sparta, Mars Volta. Mark and Cody From The Blood Brothers (Mark also has a band called Champagne Champagne and Cody is in another band called Jaguar Love) and Daniel from Idiot Pilot. I also got Tony Royster (Jay Z’s drummer) featured on a few songs. This album is insane.

MOKB : What was your favorite album or musician of 2010?

Hyro : Can’t decide on one, but I did discover some great music this year when I flew out to London. An artist by the name of Tinie Tempah has a sick song called Pass Out. I also bought an album by a band called Salem from a record store in London. The music is reminiscent of the Screwed Music by Dj Screw that I grew up on.

MOKB : What’s the plan for 2011? Any secrets you can divulge? Teasers you can offer up?

Hyro : Touring touring touring. I want to be able to meet the fans and give them an amazing show. I will be touring in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with a Group called The Blackout. The singer Sean Smith is a big supporter of my music and I am looking forward to hanging with those guys.

MOKB : What was the best holiday gift you ever received?

Hyro : Everyday is Christmas to me. I’m just happy to be breathing, but if I must say something material, I would have to say the basketball goal that my whole hood use to play on. It use to be like the NBA behind my crib. The neighbors would be complaining because there would be around 20 people in the back of my house playing ball on a daily basis.

MOKB : What was the worst holiday gift you ever received?

Hyro : Remember those Nokia phones that everyone use to play Snake on. Well I received a cover for mine that you can get at the dollar store. It was black with red and yellow flames.

MOKB : Favorite holiday movie? song?

Hyro : My fav Christmas song is one I hear every year in my family. It’s an old song from Trinidad called Santa Looking For A Wife. It’s been repeated in my head over and over so I’m forced to like it. I can’t really decide on a holiday movie, but I love those 90’s holiday sitcom episodes. Those are classic.

MOKB : Any special Holiday shout-outs, ultimatums or threats you like to share in this public forum?

Hyro : Rappers and Rockers Beware.

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