Premiere : The White Wires : Did You Forget My Name?

Just the other day a drinking buddy of mine was bellyaching re: the modern dearth of three chord, fancy shoes and a pile of energy rock bands. Blah blah blah Rezillos blah blah Buzzcocks blah blah The Shakes and so on. Talk about preaching to the choir. It seems hardly a week passes when I don’t have occasion to bemoan the demise of the 1…2…3…4, play as fast as you can, rinse and repeat protocol.

That being said, you can’t imagine the joy that (momentarily) filled me when Did You Forget My Name? popped up in the ol’ Inbox.  The White Wires legend begins on the tundra of Ottawa, where they’ve ostensibly been tearing up remnant carpet stages soaked with beer and blood. Their self-titled debut has found new life on Douchemaster Records, and their newest release, WWII promises even more reckless fun for kids who just don’t care.

MP3 : The White Wires – Did You Forget My Name?
MP3 : The White Wires – Be True To Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)

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