Premiere : Hesta Prynn : You Winding Me Up (Bear Hands remix)

Things are apparently coming up aces today here at MOKB as we’re going to be entrusted with premiering the Bear Hands remix of Hesta Prynn’s You Winding Me Up. The original track appeared on Hesta’s recently-released Can We Go Wrong EP, but we think you’ll agree that this new Aspartame-free interpretation is simply effervescent and goes down mighty smooth. And since it’s free, well, that’s just mayo.

MP3 : Hesta Prynn – You Winding Me Up (Bear Hands remix)
MP3 : Hesta Prynn – Seven Sisters

Incidentally, Prynnsters (or general music fans) in the Brooklyn area on Saturday, December 18th have absolutely no reason not to get over the The Knitting Factory for The Rock Lottery, which will feature Hesta as well as members of Liturgy, Your Youth, White Rabbits, Suckers, Les Savy Fav, Bear In Heaven and many others in a randomize control trial of rock excess.

  • FTW! Media Brand Strategies : PREMIERE: You Winding Me Up (Bear Hands Remix)

    December 8, 2010 [ 1:07 pm ]

    […] My Old Kentucky Blog premiered the Bear Hands remix of Hesta Prynn’s “You Winding Me Up.” You can grab the vinyl with this track as the B side (and a Blondie mashup as the A side) over at Hesta Prynn’s site! Feist chats about Look At What The Light Did Now […]

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