MOKB Holiday Interview Series : Marianne Dissard

I like to think I’m pretty good at getting some stuff done when I put my mind to it, but Marianne Dissard puts me to shame. Last time we had occasion to talk about her, she was finishing her debut film/Warhol tribute, Lonesome Cowgirls. With that crossed off her list, she’s firmly back in the music camp, for now at least. When she came up for air recently, she shared the brand new video for The One And Only (the first single from L’Abandon) inventoried her 2011 to-do list, and clued MOKB in on where we can find her on New Year’s Eve.

MOKB : Any special musical plans for the Holiday Season? Any specials songs or shows?

Marianne Dissard : On Friday, December 10th, I sang in The Great Cover-Up, a Tucson tradition where dozens of bands cover other bands during a three days charity event benefiting a local association promoting access to health care and resources for our music community. This year, I covered Diamanda Galas. I sing – with so much less lung power than her – but I have never learned any instruments. For this show, I will play piano live for the first time. Also, I’ve recreated the music video for Scream Of Love, a very sexy video, to say the least. Little did I know when I chose to sing her songs that her music would once again be at the top of the news, as per the [recent] National Gallery controversy

Then, on December 31st, I got invited to perform at Club Congress in Tucson as part of their Bordello New Year’s Eve event. I’m going to be that French singer lounging and smooching with a beautiful man on a velvet couch in a special room of the Club. I’ll sing too, once in a while. It’s funny being a cliche sometimes, especially when the champagne is free. I think I will try to get evicted from my own installation piece by being too French, too drunk or too sexy. That could be a good story for me and the Club guests.

MOKB : What project(s) have you been working on lately?

MD : Editing my music videos, the “behind-the-scenes” of the album production and of Lonesome Cowgirls, my Andy Warhol remake… So yes, all the video material I need to promote the new album, L’Abandon. Also, I’ve been booking myself a tour of New Zealand and Australia for the spring 2011. And I’ve just put out a call for people to pre-order the new album, so I can actually manufacture the CDs. Usual business, I’d say, of juggling dreams and dimes.

MOKB : What was your favorite album or musician of 2010?

MD : Gonjasufi, A Sufi And A Killer, by far. Also, the Low End Theory podcasts got me through miles of touring.

MOKB : What’s the plan for 2011? Any secrets you can divulge? Teasers you can offer up?

MD : Releasing the album, touring from February until the summer, then move to Italy for the summer and fall in love with a 31 years old, then keep touring in the fall and winter. I suppose I should also start thinking of the next album already. I want to record in Mexico City or with Gaslamp Killer, with Mexican Institute of Sound or BK-One (Minneapolis! co-producer of my new album, BTW, also mixed by MN’s fab Joe Mabbott), with choreographers and a great film DP. I want to keep acting too.

MOKB : What was the best holiday gift you ever received?

MD : When I was a very small child, one morning a few days before Christmas, I opened the trunk of my parents’ car to look for the gifts I knew they had brought back from the store. I was trying to prove to them I couldn’t be fooled anymore and that I believed in Père Nöel as much as they did. I was very proud of myself for doing that. I don’t remember Christmas gifts tasting the same ever since.

MOKB : What was the worst holiday gift you ever received?

MD : I wasn’t very keen on dolls when I was growing up. However, the ladies of the family didn’t seem to ever remember. Aunts and grandmothers, cousins and neighbors… I must have gotten dozen of dolls over the years that I could not get myself to love.

MOKB : Favorite holiday movie? song?

I’m a sucker for The Pogues’ Fairy Tale of New York. I also like German label Trikont’s Christmas compilations of the weird and obscure. Holiday movie? That’s a very American tradition, right? I grew up in France and my brothers and I used to watch the Tex Avery specials on the black and white TV on Christmas eve. Beep-Beep and the Coyote.

MOKB : Any special Holiday shout-outs, ultimatums or threats you like to share in this public forum?

MD : Now that Arizona, my home-state, is falling behind every other 49 states in terms of education and general all-around sanity, I’d say my wish for the New Year is for all the rats to not leave the ship but to turn on the captain.

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