MOKB Holiday Interview Series + New Remix : Jeff Klein of My Jerusalem

Yesterday we shared My Jerusalem’s shiny new video for Proposition, a little something we got our grubbies on simply because we were chatting to frontman Jeff Klein about the holidays (not to mention prayer candles and fancy britches for the womenfolk). Right time, right place. Nothing left to do now except present Klein’s side of the story, along with a cherry remix of Sleepwalking courtesy of musical alchemist and Minneapolis homeslice, Dosh.

MP3 : My Jerusalem – Sleepwalking (Dosh remix)

MOKB : Any special musical plans for the Holiday Season? Any specials songs or shows?

Jeff Klein : I think it’s too creepy if a band with our name does a holiday record or holiday songs. People already probably assume its a religious band, when its not. Besides, that kinda thing is best left to the Taylor Swifts of the world. Nobody needs to hear Little Drummer Boy in traditional form let alone as interpreted by Dr Dog or something. Though we do have prayer candles for sale

MOKB : What project(s) have you been working on lately?

JK : My Jerusalem has been rehearsing for our upcoming tour. My attention span is terrible when it comes to rehearsing. Our record just came out but we’ve also been writing and recording new material. There’s a really good EPs worth of material done at the very least. Not sure what will become of it. I’ve also been tryin’ to lay some vocals down on some tracks by Steve Cobby from Fila Brazillia.

MOKB : What was your favorite album or musician of 2010?

JK : As far as albums I think its a between Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest and The National’s High Violet. I just discovered the Bahamas record this year even if it was released in ’09 apparently. So maybe I’d say that as favorite musician.

MOKB : What’s the plan for 2011? Any secrets you can divulge? Teasers you can offer up?

JK : 2011 is gonna hopefully be a busy year. We have a European tour in January and are hoping to tour the states starting in February. We’ve also added 2 great new members to our ever-growing clan. Michael St Clair whom you may have seen share the stage with Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent or The Low Lows and Evan Jacobs who fronts one of my favorite bands, Tacks The Boy Disaster, and was a member of Midlake. The future is pretty exciting.

MOKB : What was the best holiday gift you ever received?

JK : When I was 13 I got this kick-ass Kramer Flying V guitar with one of those floating whammy bar things on it. It was totally Randy Rhoads style. I also got the Ozzy/Randy Rhoads tablature book with it. I kinda wish that I still had it, I’d do a holiday version of Mr. Crowley and Flying High Again for MOKB.

MOKB : What was the worst holiday gift you ever received?

JK : Aside from some ugly, tacky sweaters which I would probably love now, I never really got anything too terrible. I once had a girlfriends Aunt give me a pencil as a gift. And not like some fancy high-tech pencil or kitschy pencil with my name on it. Just a No 2 pencil. Who does that?

MOKB : Favorite holiday movie? song?

JK : When I was younger it was definitely A Christmas Story, but I think Elf might have beaten it for the win. One tour it was one of 3 DVDs in the van. I think we watched it 9 times. I can probably quote it to you verbatim. There isn’t really a quintessential Hanukkah film is there? I think I covered the song thing earlier. And don’t even get me started on Bono or McCartney.

MOKB : Any special Holiday shout-outs, ultimatums or threats you like to share in this public forum?

JK : We hope everyone has a warm happy holiday no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it. Oh, and buy our new album, they make great stocking stuffers.

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