New Band Smell : Bensh

Bensh is the nom de guerre of Austrian Benjamin-Zsolt Zombori, a world citizen in the truest sense, who has elected to throw his hat into the crowded ring of global electropop stars. Though his debut record, Clues, traces its inception back to the Austrian Alps, its scope was only realized thanks to incubation in the genre’s most celebrated outposts, including Cardiff, Osaka and Berlin. Final tweaks were put to the record in Iceland at Sigur Rós’ Swimming Pool Studio, under the steady hand of Biggi Birgisson (Sigur Rós, The Album Leaf) .

While the release date of Clues is still up in the air, MOKB is happy to share a stream of the first single, Doubt, which will officially see the light of day on November 22nd. Doubt is one of those songs that I continue listening to, even though I can’t put my finger on its appeal. Certainly, it’s impeccably crafted, a spirited amalgamation of the traditional and the modern, replete with impossibly snaky bassline. And is it just me, or does Bensh’s voice resemble a Teutonic Peter Gabriel, you know, back before he started phoning it in. Whatever it is, rarely, if ever, has doubt sounded this enticing.

Doubt (Master 2010) by Bensh

  • Stéphen Ribbon

    October 23, 2010 [ 3:11 pm ]

    Bensh is one of best new singer/songwriters I know. He is very much influenced by the same era as I. Everything from the production quality to vocal tone is class!

  • Lucia Olavide

    October 25, 2010 [ 1:13 pm ]

    Awesome song, impeccable voice, ……………… a huge fan, Lucia Geiger

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