Tomorrow In Bloomington : Jaill + We Are Hex

This Tuesday, October 19th, in Bloomington, Spirit of ’68 and MOKB present… Jaill + We Are Hex + Secrets Between Sailors at The Bishop. Tickets available at Landlocked Music and The Buskirk-Chumley Box office.

Jaill, recent signees to Sub Pop Records, are described as a somewhat sneaky, rarely sleazy group of guys from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sounds like my kinda dudes. Their brand of psych-pop has a tough-guy edge, but it is catchy enough to get you dancing with that special lady you swindled into joining you at the show.

We Are Hex are signed to MOKB’s Roaring Colonel Records and recently released their their sophomore album, Hail The Goer. Hex are gritty, dirty and raucous. Their music recalls classic Joy Division, the Cure, Gang of Four, PJ Harvey and the Jesus and Mary Chain, but combines those sounds with the modern ferocity of Nashville Pussy or Ponytail, and yet accomplishes all of that without losing the pop sensibilities of the 50s and 60s, or the urgency of classic punk.

9pm @ The Bishop | 18+ | $6

MP3 : Jaill – Stroller
MP3 : Jaill – Everyone’s Hip

MP3 : We Are Hex – We Are The Goer
MP3 : We Are Hex – Birthplace Of The Mystics

  • Mike

    October 19, 2010 [ 6:27 am ]

    Woah, thank fuck I found you. I didn’t have a bookmark on my new machine and googled, and ended up here: and had a freakin panic attack wondering wtf had happened to mokb, and I was like SELLOUT BASTARD (coz I’ll admit, I haven’t visited in a month or two) then I was like, no, that can’t be right, so I doubled down on the google machine, and yay, I got back here. Someone should tell that other hax guy off and kick his arse. That is all, thanks for bearing with me.

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