MOKB Exclusive : The Poison Tree : Come On Come On

If I were catty, I’d say Steve Salett (or, less formally, Salad) is a bit of a rock-n-roll trollop. Deformo, The Kelley Deal 6000, The King of France; the guy plays it fast and loose. Now he’s cattin’ around with an outfit he calls The Poison Tree, and I’d be tempted to be very critical of Mr. Salett’s indiscretions if he didn’t slip us one on the sly. Come On Come On is the first single from the self-titled EmBarque release that’s set to drop in March. It’s a keeper to be sure, which finds Salett evoking Bill Callahan at Smog’s most popworthy, and laying his powerful baritone down among gently-strummed acoustics and plucked strings.  A last-ditch plea to an estranged lover? An out-of body experience? You tell me. I get the feeling I’ll be playing this record a lot come 2011, particularly with the knowledge that Salett has enlisted the talents of Dawn Landes and Thomas Bartlett (Doveman). I know 2011 seems like a long way off, so enjoy Come On Come On judiciously.

MP3 : The Poison Tree – Come On Come On

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