A Tribe Called Quest Unveil Video for Timely “We The People…”

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Last week, with everyone reeling from the election, the legendary >A Tribe Called Quest dropped an album of defiance and hope just when America needed and recorded right before they had to deal with their own tragedy, the death of their friend and group member Phife Dawg. No song on the instant classic LP encapsulates the current times more than the politically charged “We The People…” that takes aim at the all out assault our new President-Elect and many other government officials have been wielding towards those of different nationalities, races, religions, sexual orientations, and so on. The video captures this turbulence and uncertainty as they call the people to streets through a loudspeaker to fight back through the lyrics of the track. We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service is available digitally through all of the usual suspects with a physical release hopefully coming sooner than later.

Fresh Laundromatinee Session : Julien Baker Live Performs “Rejoice” Live at Luna Music in Indianapolis

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Julien Baker’s beautiful aww-shucks guitar strumming, especially here on Sprained Ankle’s “Rejoice,” is the ultimate siren song. She lures you in with clean, haunting sounds that demurely chug along until she takes a deep breath and then all of a sudden sings with a power and a clarity that’s completely awe inducing. The strength of her voice, especially like when she unleashes it around the 2:00 mark, leaves those in attendance planted firmly to the ground and silences bar chatter in the back. You can’t help but look upon the performer before you and understand that in 2016 you’re seeing a rare caliber of artist, and you don’t dare look away for fear that you’ll miss something.


Filmed by Sheridan Gibson / Nicole Conflenti
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont
Animated title cards by BrainTwins ( www.braintwins.net )

Behold the Dreamgaze of “Close To Be Close To Me” from Echo Ladies

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After highlighting Malmö band Wy last week, we now have another promising act from the same city on the same label, Hybris. Echo Ladies are the three-piece comprised of Matilda Bogren, Joar Andersen and Mattis Andersson. Jesus and Mary Chain, who they list as an influence along with Slowdive and Ride, mixed with Cocteau Twins might be appropriate description for the dreamgaze sounds of their first single Close To Be Close To Me,” which they describe as a song about “uncertain love.” The visual plays out as a minimalistic introduction of the band seeking, according to them, not to “draw the focus away, but rather enhance the song.” The single is available tomorrow, November 16th, through Hybris.

Watch the Video for “Nobody Else” from Swedish Duo Wy

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Wy is the duo of companions and lovers Ebba Ågren and Michel Gustafsson hailing from Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö. Recently, they released their debut EP Never Was through Stockholm-based label Hybris. You hear hints of Jesus and Mary Chain sad, shoegazey guitars blended with the minimalistic emotional and sonics heard in the music of The xx. Regardless of how you want to categorize or describe the collection, it is ideal noise for the gloomy days of November and the oncoming winter. The video for “Nobody Else” was self-directed and produced by the pair. Find it below along with a stream of the complete EP.

Ruby Haunt Share Visual for “Orphan”

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LA’s Ruby Haunt, creators of one of the best and underrated albums this year, just dropped a Lost in Translation-esque video for their immensely melancholy and meditative song “Orphan.” If you are like us and mourning the results of the election, we probably cannot recommend a better album to throw on in the backdrop. Their is a contemplative nature to all of their output. You can purchase their LP Sugar at Bandcamp along with the rest of their excellent catalog.

Hoops Share Video for “Cool 2”

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After touring the U.S. the last couple of months with Whitney, Bloomington, IN’s Hoops have traveled across the pond for several European dates in support of the self-titled EP out now via Fat Possum. In addition, they have recently dropped their first ever video for “Cool 2” directed by Anna Powell Teeter. Expect their debut long-play sometime during the first half of next year.

Watch Black Marble’s Video for “Woods”

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Last week, Chris Stewart, aka Black Marble, released undoubtedly one of our favorite albums of this past year with his sophomore effort, It’s Immaterial. Outside of its emotional depth, there is a spiritual otherworld quality that overcomes us every listen where we come out mentally cleansed. The video for “Woods” produced by Libre’s Alberto Berrizbeitia and director Theo Sixou further captures the emotion and spirituality with beautifully choreographed movements and imagery in a forest. Stewart says of the video:

I spoke with Theo awhile back about his initial concept for the piece. At first I was not sure what I thought of all these people running endlessly — sometimes stopping to speak directly to camera — this strange tableau. Having worked with him previously on “A Great Design” though, I knew I should just trust him. Had it been anyone else I might have thought twice about the idea but I’m glad I didn’t.

Somehow, as visual allegory to the spirit of the song, these people running from something, but sometimes it seems, just running because there’s nothing else to do, fits perfectly with the underlying theme of the music, the sort of tension that exists when you already know the ultimate outcome but cant bring yourself to extricate yourself from something that has just been in place for so long. That liminal space between wanting and doing can seemingly last forever and I think this video perfectly represents Woods in that way.

I think Theo is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I’m so pleased as always that he chose to dedicate some of his time to creating an amazing visual story for “Woods.”

It’s Immaterial is available now through Ghostly International.

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