Premiere: NAVVI Soundtrack the Night in Video for “Close”

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“We wanted to make visual moments that felt right with the song. The color palate and pieces of movement in the video were all intended to reflect how the song made us feel. We wanted abstract versus linear because in the end it seemed suited the song.” – NAVVI

Seattle duo NAVVI released one of the best debut albums of 2016 with the noir-pop gem Omni (stream below) in late May via up and coming label Hush Hush Records. From start to finish, the LP is stacked with songs ideal for dark dancefloors and dimly lit roads. One of the many album highlights, “Close,” permeates feelings of introspection and deep yearning for outside fulfillment, but not finding it. The visual follows this line of thought beautifully projecting images of a night in the city conveying feelings of haunting isolation in the midst of all the movement similar in many ways to the opening sequence to the movie Drive. The fantastic album can be purchased on clean white vinyl now via Bandcamp.

Fresh Session : Lily & Madeleine on Laundromatinee




Earlier this year local duo Lily & Madeleine took a break from touring behind their newest record, Keep It Together, and graced LUNA music with a stripped down instore performance. The Jurkiewicz sisters packed the storefront with as many friends and fans as could fit inside and treated them to intimate versions of a handful of new songs, including “Small Talk” and “Nothing,” the two closing tracks off of their latest album.

The shuffling guitar and piano of “Small Talk” provide a glasslike canvas that let the vocals on the song shimmer through, showcasing the understated beauty of Lily & Madeleine’s marvelous harmonies. On “Nothing,” though, a melancholy piano line is the only accompaniment to the sisters’ stark and haunting voices. The band deals with themes like heartbreak, self-reliance, and others commonly found throughout modern music, but it’s the honesty and arrestingly beautiful voices that Lily & Madeleine craft their songs with that make them stand out. Be sure to catch them on the rest of their North American tour from now through October.


Filmed by Doug Fellegy / Sheridan Gibson / Nicole Conflenti
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Colored by Nicole Conflenti
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont

Watch Hinds’ New Video for “Warts”

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Things appear to be getting ready to wind down for the hard-working ladies of Hinds. Today, they have unveiled the final visual from their excellent debut album from earlier this year, Leave Me Alone, and have also announced the final tour dates of a schedule that saw them span the globe twice over the last year and change. The good news is after these last dates are done, they plan on immediately getting back to work to write and record their next LP, but back to the video. “Warts” once again showcases their strong sense of color, composition, and playful humor. We’ll let them tell you the rest below.

“Have you ever seen a couple that shouldn’t be a couple? Have you ever seen your friend’s girlfriend’s warts before he does? In love like in war it aint no rules. And she knows. She knows it well… She is gonna beat him bad, but he only hears parabarabaraba.” – Hinds on “Warts”

Tour Dates:
9/3/16 – Seattle, WA Bumbershoot
10/16/16 – San Francisco, CA Treasure Island Music Festival
10/17/16 – Santa Barbara, CA Velvet Jones
10/19/16 – Tucson, AZ Club Congress
10/20/16 – Phoenix, AZ Valley bar
10/21/16 – Los Angeles, CA Regent Theater
10/22-23/16 – Silverado Canyon, CA Beach Goth Fest
10/24/16 – Chicago, IL Thalia Hall
10/25/16 – Pontiac, MI The Pike Room at Crofoot
10/26/16 – Toronto, ON Adelaide Hall
10/28/16 – Brooklyn, NY Warsaw
10/29/16 – Washington, DC 9:30 Club
10/30/16 – Cambridge, MA The Middle East Downstairs
11/4/16 – McDade, TX Sound On Sound Festival

Premiere: Teen Body Share Video for “Bored Window”

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Teen Body is the Brooklyn based band featuring Shannon Lee, Marcus McDonald from Captured Tracks band Hoop Dreams, Alex Bush, and Alexander French from Richmond band White Laces Alex French. Their sound is a salad of shoegaze, post punk, and new wave romanticism packaged underneath a smoky haze. After popping up online with a demo back in 2014, the quartet self-released one of the better debuts this year titled Get Home Safe sharing much of the lo-fi sensibilities that have really reemerged in 2016. The DIY video, directed by Pete Brensinger and Teen Body, for album highlight “Bored Window” captures the playful energy of the band, while using visual effects to compliment some of the dreamier elements found in their sound. Find the clip below and grab their debut via cassette here.

Tour Dates:
7/9, Richmond, VA @ The Happy House
7/10 Harrisonburg, VA @The Golden Pony
7/11 Charlottesville, VA @ The Tea Bazzaar
7/12 Blacksburg, VA @ Robin Williams Center for the Arts
7/14 Asheville, NC @ TBA
7/15 Raleigh, NC @ Radio Shack
7/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Goldilocks
7/17 Baltimore, MD @ The Windup Space

Premiere: Watch CALLmeKAT’s New Video for “Mouth of Time”

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Mouth in Time, the latest release from Danish Katrine Ottoson, better known under the name CALLmeKAT, comes from a point in time “where everything seemed to be shifting.” The result is a collection of songs subtly dark in tone and veering more into more traditional rock sonics, which makes sense given this was the first album she wrote using a guitar. This is not to say the album does not bring some poppier moments, such as with the EP’s title track built on the foundation of hooky percussion. The video, directed by Carina Randløv, furthers the dark vibrancy of the song using psychedelic imagery and settings meant to respresent a degrading utopia drawing from the themes of mortality and love found not only in the song, but throughout the release.

 photo callmekat_zps5nh8nnnp.png

El Perro Del Mar Announces Details of New LP, Shares Karaoke Themed Video for “BreadandButter”

 photo elperrodelmar2_zpsiptzfwbw.png

Back in March, chameleon Stockholm, Sweden artist Sarah Assbring aka El Perro del Mar set the stage for a new album, named Kokoro, to be released later this year with the reveal of the song “BreadandButter.” Today, we have the pleasure of formally announcing a release date of Assbring’s fifth studio album slated to drop on September 16th. The album could be her most personal and ambitious to date with every visual, sound, costume, and so on painstakenly thought out to the furthest degree with much of the influence stemming from, according to Assbring, “listening to Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian pop music for the last three years.”

With the announcement, she also provided an alternate Karaoke themed video for the previously mentioned “Breadandbutter” keeping in with the Far East motif of the album. You can find the clip along with Assbring’s brief thoughts on emotions of the new LP. It is available for pre-order now via iTunes and physically via The Control Group.

‘KoKoro’ is about the vulnerability and the strength of the heart. What the heart is exposed to, both internally and externally. The heart cannot be protected. Not from pain, not from happiness. Not from love, not from corruption. I’ve been thinking a lot about issues such as “who am I if the social norms, expectations and pressures I carry were to be stripped away?” Hard? Soft? Or maybe both?

In a time that seem to go backwards humanistically and morally, seeking to put up walls rather than tearing them down I realized I wanted to make a borderless album that belongs nowhere but has a universal voice and a universal heart. -El Perro Del Mar

Watch West Nile’s Video for “Turnt 2 Cult”

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We continue to find ourselves listening quite frequently to last year’s self-titled debut EP courtesy of London, Ontario duo West Nile, so we are excited when we are given reasons to discuss it. Recently, they dropped a DIY visual for ’80s-indebted synth jam “Turnt 2 Cult” from it that they say is “best viewed in a poorly lit room” and, in our opinion, with the volume all the way up. You can still grab the release on red vinyl courtesy of Austin’s Young Cubs.