Video : Yumi Zouma : “Alena”

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Last week, we finally got to catch New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma for the first time, unfortunately we did not get to see them at their best to no fault of their own. Two hours prior to the show, the band caught a bad break when some asshole/s stole all of their gear (hit them up if you know anything. Despite this, the band remained the utmost professional and carried with a solid set using the instruments of Madrid band Hinds who played before them. The fact they tried to push through in less than ideal circumstances really gave us even more respect for them than we already had.

Today, the trio continues on in support of their latest great Cascine release, EP II, with the reveal of their new video for “Alena” directed by Allie Avital Tsypin. It depicts a group of men in sort of a support group resulting in a cathartic released by video’s end. Watch below.

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Video : Shamir : “Call It Off” (New Song)

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Ratchet, the 10-track debut LP from Shamir will be out May 19 via XL Recordings. Today, he has shared a fantastic new song “Call It Off” along with a visual directed by Philip Hodges as part of the YouTube Music Awards. If you liked “On The Regular”, then this one will satisfy just the same. Watch and listen below.

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Video : FKA Twigs : “Glass & Patron” (New Song)

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FKA Twigs has revealed a new song “Glass & Patron” written and produced by her and Boots along with visuals for it. The song will appear on an upcoming new EP (presumably called EP3?) slated to drop later this year. The video was directed and choreographed by her as part of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards. Watch and listen below.

Video Premiere : Breakfast : “Boris”

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LA-based four piece Breakfast came into our world a few years back with their album Sun/Moon they were giving away. Recently, they have revealed new songs based on characters with highly-stylized conceptual artwork and videos built around them. Their most recent offering is “Boris”. The song is based upon sleezy music biz guy that cares only about his bottom line. Or as Breakfast put it, “He doesn’t give a shit about you or your future, though he loves to talk your ear off.” Like the first single “Diane”, their latest offering “Boris” gets a Andy Warhol-inspired test screening video that can be found below. As of now, these are all just singles, although looking at their website, one could come to the conclusion that these could be leading up to an EP or album of some sort titled Amulet. Only time will tell…

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Video : Grimes : “REALiTi”

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We must say, we were pretty disappointed when Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, caved to her fans and scrapped an entire album because it was too radio friendly. Since then, we had been holding out hope that it would appear into the world, regardless of whether or not it gets a proper release. Today, those hopes are finally coming true, at least somewhat with the reveal of “REALiTi”, as song that was to appear on that release.

Boucher says in the video description for it, “Since this is no longer gonna be on the album, I’m releasing it as a special thank you to everyone in Singapore, KL, Manila, Jakarta, HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo who came out to the shows! It was an honor to play with a bunch of amazing bands and travel to places I would never otherwise be able to go,” Boucher explains in the song’s official description.”

After listening to it a few times, we have no idea what could have possibly been so wrong with the release it was going to be on. The track is a superb pop track, despite her saying it is a “demo” and “not mixed or mastered”. Listen to the song and watch the video below.

Video Session: Strand of Oaks

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Before even hearing a lick of his music, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to single out Tim Showalter as some sort of rock and roll warrior just by looking at him (as self-described on “Heal”): long black hair and beard, black jeans, black boots, smoking a cigarette with headphones on. In conversation and in person, Showalter is as humble, excitable, and cordial as you could hope to find in a kindred music-obsessed spirit. All of these facets of him ring out like relentless clarion calls all over Strand of Oaks’ masterful, anguished, and absolutely triumphant 2014 album, Heal. Not only was Heal both my favorite and most-listened-to record of the past year, it also fueled me with all the firepower and guts I needed to chase my own breakthroughs on the other side of lingering heartache.

Watching Strand of Oaks play these songs live, as they did with sweat-soaked zeal and hearts wide open at Russian Recording in Bloomington later the night of this session in August and, more recently, to a packed house at this same Hi-Fi in Indianapolis in January, is akin to getting swept away in a force of nature with the power to restore than destroy. Each show was an obviously special homecoming for the Philadelphia-based native Hoosier (see: “Goshen ‘97” and the opening line of “JM” for Indiana shout-outs). When he sings, “You gotta heal,” at the climax of the title track, it serves as both a command to himself and a generous plea to the listener no matter the cause of the individual wounds. It’s that same redemptive spirit that allows “Shut In” to break free and soar like it’s chasing the horizon down some hopeful thunder road. Some truly hard knocks hit Showalter during the writing and recording of these songs, and those brutal blows inform every second you hear upon dropping the needle in the grooves of Heal’s wax or simply pushing play. Fortunately, by making these very songs in all their guitar-frenzy, deeply scarred, and music-worshipping glory, Showalter paints us all up like warriors, too, and reminds us yet again that we were born to run.

Filmed & Edited by Doug Fellegy / Nicole Conflenti
Recorded & Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Written by Justin Wesley

Video : Kelela : “A Message”

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Having just announced a physical re-issue of her fantastic mixtape, Cut 4 You, and teasing her debut LP due out later this year, rising artist Kelela has will be dropping a six-song EP titled Hallucinogen on May 5th via Fade to Mind. The songs that make up the EP were created over the last couple of years in recording sessions and take you through the stages of relationship: rejection and amputation, domination and empowerment, feral lust and longing, rebirth and recovery, delirium and ectasy, and the payoff. The first song revealed through the animated video below, “A Message”, represents the rejection and amputation stage previously mentioned and was co-written with collaborator extraordinaire Arca. Watch below.

 photo kelela2_zpsbp3gcz6a.jpg

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