Watch Black Marble’s Video for “Woods”

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Last week, Chris Stewart, aka Black Marble, released undoubtedly one of our favorite albums of this past year with his sophomore effort, It’s Immaterial. Outside of its emotional depth, there is a spiritual otherworld quality that overcomes us every listen where we come out mentally cleansed. The video for “Woods” produced by Libre’s Alberto Berrizbeitia and director Theo Sixou further captures the emotion and spirituality with beautifully choreographed movements and imagery in a forest. Stewart says of the video:

I spoke with Theo awhile back about his initial concept for the piece. At first I was not sure what I thought of all these people running endlessly — sometimes stopping to speak directly to camera — this strange tableau. Having worked with him previously on “A Great Design” though, I knew I should just trust him. Had it been anyone else I might have thought twice about the idea but I’m glad I didn’t.

Somehow, as visual allegory to the spirit of the song, these people running from something, but sometimes it seems, just running because there’s nothing else to do, fits perfectly with the underlying theme of the music, the sort of tension that exists when you already know the ultimate outcome but cant bring yourself to extricate yourself from something that has just been in place for so long. That liminal space between wanting and doing can seemingly last forever and I think this video perfectly represents Woods in that way.

I think Theo is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I’m so pleased as always that he chose to dedicate some of his time to creating an amazing visual story for “Woods.”

It’s Immaterial is available now through Ghostly International.

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Austra Announce New Album, Share Video for “Utopia”

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The Katie Stelmanis-fronted project Austra have their third full-length, named Future Politics, dropping on January 20th via Domino Records. The album is a commentary not only on the current geopolitical environment, but a call to change and, according to Stelmanis, “a commitment to replace the approaching dystopia.” It was influenced by her time spent living in Montreal and Mexico City and economic and philosophical literature she had been reading. With the album’s announcement comes a visual for the track “Utopia” directed by THAT GO depicting Stelmanis trapped in an apartment by technology. The album is available for pre-order here.

Premiere: Oakland’s People’s Palms Offers Up Video for “Migrational Shapes”

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With the huge attention the score for Stranger Things has and continues to receive, it is proof that sparse, nuanced music can resonate with audiences as much as what you hear on the radio. Habitatual, the third LP from Oakland producer Austin Freese aka People’s Palms hit us in the same manner. Utilizing carefully crafted atmospherics, he politely nudges the listener into a world of clarity through introspection creating a soundtrack that functions effectively in the background or the forefront. The subtle cinematic effect of the music is evident in the visual for album track “Migrational Shapes.” The feathery sonic landscapes elevate an ordinary montage of VHS home movie clips in something extraordinary pulling out a deeper level of emotional gravitas not as evident otherwise. The LP is set to be available both digitally and on cassette via Seattle’s Hush Hush Records on October 14th and can be pre-ordered here.

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Weyes Blood Share Video for New Track “Generation Why”

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Every song we are getting from Weyes Blood’s new album, Front Row Seat To Earth, is absolutely brilliant setting it up to be one of year’s best and taking her profile to greater heights. The release bursting with Laurel Canyon folk vibes is out later this month on October 21st through Mexican Summer. Having shared the humorous video for “Do You Need My Love” last week, she now has unveiled new track “Generation Why” along with a video commenting on the way technology has been injected into our daily lives directed by Natalie Mering.

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Lully Unleashes the Video for “Slow D’s”

Despite Pigeons and Planes trying their best, we still no very little about Lully, creator of one of our favorite tracks released this year, “Slow D’s.” However, today marks the official release of the contorted jam through London’s Aesop Label. In conjunctions with direction by Johnny Blair, Lully has also dropped a hyped visual for the song utilizing the flute glass imagery that has purveyed throughout his aesthetic along with imagery including items such as globes, traditional fencing outfits, statues, an so on whose meaning will most likely become clearer as we hear more from the producer. You can grab the track on iTunes here.

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Watch Helena Deland’s New Visual for “Baby”

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We have been devouring Drawing Room, the debut EP from Montreal’s Helena Deland. Comprised of four track, it shows a diverse range of instrumentation serving as the backdrop for her charming vocals. While each track is an standout in its own right, “Baby” might be the most palatable from the collection for which we have a new video for. It follows a gentleman presenting him in a mysterious manner from his apartment out into the world only for the whole clip to be flipped with a subtle appearance by Deland in the end. The EP is available for purchase now via her Bandcamp.

Watch Skinny Girl Diet’s Video for “Okay”

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London trio Skinny Girl Diet dropped their new LP, Heavy Flow, just yesterday and now have offered up a visual for the song “Okay” we cannot get enough of. The track has touchstones of early ’90s grunge, Nirvana, Courtney Love/Hole without sounding generic or derivative. You grab a copy of the album on vinyl here.