Premiere: Watch CALLmeKAT’s New Video for “Mouth of Time”

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Mouth in Time, the latest release from Danish Katrine Ottoson, better known under the name CALLmeKAT, comes from a point in time “where everything seemed to be shifting.” The result is a collection of songs subtly dark in tone and veering more into more traditional rock sonics, which makes sense given this was the first album she wrote using a guitar. This is not to say the album does not bring some poppier moments, such as with the EP’s title track built on the foundation of hooky percussion. The video, directed by Carina Randløv, furthers the dark vibrancy of the song using psychedelic imagery and settings meant to respresent a degrading utopia drawing from the themes of mortality and love found not only in the song, but throughout the release.

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El Perro Del Mar Announces Details of New LP, Shares Karaoke Themed Video for “BreadandButter”

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Back in March, chameleon Stockholm, Sweden artist Sarah Assbring aka El Perro del Mar set the stage for a new album, named Kokoro, to be released later this year with the reveal of the song “BreadandButter.” Today, we have the pleasure of formally announcing a release date of Assbring’s fifth studio album slated to drop on September 16th. The album could be her most personal and ambitious to date with every visual, sound, costume, and so on painstakenly thought out to the furthest degree with much of the influence stemming from, according to Assbring, “listening to Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian pop music for the last three years.”

With the announcement, she also provided an alternate Karaoke themed video for the previously mentioned “Breadandbutter” keeping in with the Far East motif of the album. You can find the clip along with Assbring’s brief thoughts on emotions of the new LP. It is available for pre-order now via iTunes and physically via The Control Group.

‘KoKoro’ is about the vulnerability and the strength of the heart. What the heart is exposed to, both internally and externally. The heart cannot be protected. Not from pain, not from happiness. Not from love, not from corruption. I’ve been thinking a lot about issues such as “who am I if the social norms, expectations and pressures I carry were to be stripped away?” Hard? Soft? Or maybe both?

In a time that seem to go backwards humanistically and morally, seeking to put up walls rather than tearing them down I realized I wanted to make a borderless album that belongs nowhere but has a universal voice and a universal heart. -El Perro Del Mar

Watch West Nile’s Video for “Turnt 2 Cult”

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We continue to find ourselves listening quite frequently to last year’s self-titled debut EP courtesy of London, Ontario duo West Nile, so we are excited when we are given reasons to discuss it. Recently, they dropped a DIY visual for ’80s-indebted synth jam “Turnt 2 Cult” from it that they say is “best viewed in a poorly lit room” and, in our opinion, with the volume all the way up. You can still grab the release on red vinyl courtesy of Austin’s Young Cubs.

Watch Nashville Duo Kudlow’s New Video for “The Professional”

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Kudlow, the duo comprised of Michelle Parish and Mathew Settle of Nashville, have been making some compelling electronic-based pop music for a bit now with their debut album looking to see the light of day sometime before the end of this year. “The Professional” is one of their more accomplished songs to date telling, according to Parish, “the story of when a passionate love suddenly becomes unrequited due to the other person’s fear- when they realize that you’ve become too close for comfort for them.”

The visual for the song is a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Dreambear Productions and director Casey Stein. The concept for the clip, Parish explains, is “the literal and metaphoric stripping of one’s self in such a public setting as Times Square” bringing full circle the inspiration of the song by portraying “the vulnerability felt in a one-sided relationship- knowing you’ve given every part of yourself to someone, knowing you’ve done all that you possibly could, even if it still wasn’t enough.” View the video below and check out some of their other track via Soundcloud.

Angel Olsen Shares New Video for “Intern” Off New Album My Woman

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After featuring last week on Cass McCombs’ new track “Opposite House,” it appears Angel Olsen has something new of her own up her sleeve. Today, she unveiled a new video written and directed by her featuring what sounds to be a new song and little other explanation. While nothing definitive has been laid out, it appears we might be seeing a new release from the beguiling chanteuse in the near future. Draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE: Stereogum points out, if you Shazam the video, it says the song in the video is titled “Intern” and appears on an album titled My Woman. So, I guess we are, indeed, getting a new album!

Watch Shura’s New Video for “What’s It Gonna Be?”

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“‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ is about having a massive crush on someone, so it made sense to go back where to school, where it all began. But it was important for us to explore those archetypal characters – The Jock, The Nerd, The Dork, The Popular Kid – and then flip expectations. ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ is based on my personal experience as a kid; thinking you’re in love but then realising that’s maybe just because you feel you should be (and ending up with someone totally unexpected).” – Shura

Shura’s debut LP, Nothing’s Real, will finally be hitting shelves on July 8th via Polydor. Today, she shared a John Hughes’-inspired video for her latest single “What’s It Gonna Be?” off the album. Just like the quote above infers, this one comes with a little twist at the end, however. The clip was directed by Chloe Wallace and produced by CANADA. You can pre-order the album and find other merchandise from Shura here.

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Watch Sur Back’s New Video for “Trophy Daughter”

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Sur Back, the moniker of Jupiter, Florida’s Caroline Sans, enchanted us with her dark-tinged pop songs “Jane Eyre” and “Occam’s Razor” way back in 2014 with the expectation of her debut EP to come sometime in 2015. While that did not occur, we are extremely stoked that Sans has officially announced her debut EP, titled Kitsch, will be seeing the light of day on July 1st. With the announcement comes new song “Trophy Daughter” along with a self-directed visual companion. Unlike the previously mentioned songs which cut sharply, “Trophy Daughter” has more of a woozy, forlorn quality percolating throughout it intricately layered instrumentation. The song is another excellent addition to her already promising catalog.