Photo Recap: Death From Above 1979 and The Bots

This past weekend White River State Park saw a bit of a 90’s revival with Incubus and Deftones splitting a bill at the Farm Bureau Stage. Although the neü-metal headliners pulled quite a large crowd the real attraction were the openers: Death From Above 1979 and The Bots. DFA had achieved near-legendary status at the time of their break-up in 2006 and when it was announced they would play Indianapolis after re-forming last year a thick cloud of “I’ve been waiting _ number of years to see them!” hit the Internet.

The Bots are a relatively young band compared to DFA, but they matched the veterans’ ferocity note for note. Ripping through a criminally short 15-minute set, brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei showed that their blend of garage-punk and blues can hit just as hard.

Death From Above 1979

The Bots

photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Pit Stop Music Festival

Festival season is upon us. People will inevitably trek across the country to see the largest and most well-known festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo in order to have the typical festival experience: seeing most of the bands you want to see from a few hundred yards away, overpaying for beer, and getting a painful tank burn before falling back into your friend’s car for the seven hour drive back home. It’s a long, messy, unpredictable but memorable weekend that’s become quintessential to what summer is all about.

The Pit Stop Festival in Bloomington back in March, however, brought a little intimacy back to that festival feeling. Held over three nights at a handful of local venues, Pit Stop’s goal was simple: “Bloomington isn’t flyover country; it’s where great independent music puts wheels on the ground. Pit Stop is a three-night sprint of live music featuring national, regional & local acts. Like SXSW for the Upland South, catch the best of indie rock, Americana, hip-hop and more as they roll through our town.” It brought a few of the same pitfalls as its larger festival brethren (due to show times I couldn’t see everyone I wanted to see), but it also found a few of the same unmissable draws in its list of headliners and local talent. Even though I was left with the same sense of exhaustion and slight dehydration at the end of Pit Stop that I’ve found myself in at previous festivals, I still had the same thought as I packed up my camera a remembered where I parked: I can’t wait to do this again next year.

Hiss Golden Messenger

William Tyler

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight




Strong Roots

DJ Spikes

Maps & Atlases

The Alamo Freeze

Words and Photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Ryley Walker at The Bishop

The Bishop Bar has been hosting a lot of great shows as of late, one being Ryley Walker‘s recent stop a few weeks back. His excellent new release “Primrose Green” came out yesterday on Dead Oceans and is worth your time.

Photos by Doug Fellegy

Via Flickr

MOKB@Roskilde : Something is Rocking in the State of Denmark

That’s right, Mom. MOKB is packing an ol’kit bag and heading off to Roskilde 2013. What to expect is anyone’s guess, but given the list of bands (see poster), how can it be anything short of superfantastic?

Our goal? Avoid the pitfalls (mud, cholera, long bathroom lines) and temptations (local brews, local fare, half-naked Danes) long enough to cover as many acts as possible, interview a few famous (and not-yet famous) folks and even provide a little cultural commentary about our gracious hosts and their beloved homeland.

Stay tuned as MOKB gets all Hamlet on yo ass…

Song : CHVRCHES : “Gun”

 photo artworks-000049081692-p3rfkc-crop_zps5892a4c6.jpg

For all young bands out their looking to capture and audience and keep it, look no further than Glasgow trio CHVRCHES for an example. Since releasing their first songs last year, the band has consistently stayed in the spotlight with their consistent release of remixes, covers, videos and, not to mention, consistently good singles. The latest song to hit the world is “Gun.” Their are no surprises here. The band has a sound that has been successful up until this point and they stick to it. Listen below.

[Win This!] : Two Tickets to see Sigur Rós at Madison Square Garden

Quite a few years back, wanderlust and general distaste for responsibility found me traipsing through Iceland. I had a great time exploring the island nation, its rugged coastline, seemingly eternal darkness (winter in Iceland is not for the seasonally affected) and Reykjavík’s too cool for words clubs (as long as one remembered not to show up before midnight).

Years later, the thing I remember most about my Icelandic pilgrimage is an incident involving the Blue Lagoon, a flybussen full of German tourists and a rented Speedo.

Now the other thing I remember well (and the one that will not haunt me upon my deathbed) was discovering Sigur Rós. And it wasn’t a subtle thing. I literally saw the cover image of Ágætis Byrjun everywhere. Everywhere. And so finally my curiosity got the best of me, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Seeing Sigur Rós live is difficult to describe. Actually, it’s pert near impossible. And that’s where we come in. Sigur Rós just so happens to be hovering over North America for the next couple weeks in support of their latest, Valtari. See what I’m getting at here?

MOKB/Sigur Rós at Madison Square Garden Giveaway: Just in time for Spring, one fortunate MOKB reader is going to score two (2) tickets to see Sigur Rós performing at the world’s most famous arena. Just the tickets mind you, but how cool is that? Airfare is out of the question. Whatta we look like, Pitchfork? The winner will be able to pick up his/her spoils in advance at the Bowery Presents office. To get yer butt in the running, click the Comment link and enter your name and email address. But do it by Friday, March 22nd. All entrants will be tossed in a hat and the winner will be chosen at random. Oh, and don’t forget to follow MOKB on Facebook and Twitter!

And for all of youse in the New York area who don’t like things like this left to chance, get your tickets here.

Sigur Rós on Tour
Mar 24 – Fairfax, VA
Mar 25 – New York, NY
Mar 26 – Boston, MA
Mar 27 – Montreal, QC
Mar 29 – Ottawa, ON
Mar 30 – Toronto, ON
Apr 1 – Detroit, MI
Apr 2 – Chicago, IL
Apr 3 – St. Paul, MN
Apr 4 -Kansas City, MO

Video : session with The Lumineers

Late last year, MOKB & MOKB Presents launched an interactive events calendar website called The site exploded onto the scene during the February Super Bowl activities in Indianapolis and has been rapidly growing ever since. A couple month ago, we opened the Lounge, a 70-person performance space where we could hold our own sessions, art shows, and events. Since opening, we’ve now hosted six bands in front of a live studio audience, and have some fun shows and sessions coming up. registered users are the only ones eligible to win admission to these special sessions.

Our first session with a national act features Denver, Colorado’s The Lumineers. During a two-day stretch of sold out MOKB Presents performances at Radio Radio in Indianapolis, the band stopped over at the Lounge and spent some intimate, QT with us…

Stubborn Love:

Flowers In Your Hair:

Ho Hey:

MOKB Premiere : Exray’s : You Can Trust a Robot

One of last year’s must buzzed-about bands, San Francisco’s Exray’s are primed and ready to make their triumphant return to the record racks with their latest full-length, Trust A Robot. Sadly, you’re going to have to wait until June 26th to make off with that release, which will see the light of day courtesy of the fine folks at SF-based Howell’s Transmitter.

So what’s a lo-fi pop fan to do in the meantime?

Well, ever righteous, MOKB would rather light a candle than curse your darkness. So we begged, borrowed and pleaded with the nice folks who handle the Exray’s bidness, and laid our meathooks on a premiere of the album’s second single, You Can Trust a Robot. Sure, they might’ve washed behind their ears for their sophomore stroll, but these boys still sound like they raided Gary Numan’s garage sale. This one is a keeper, for sure.

Exray’s – “You Can Trust A Robot” from Echolocale on Vimeo.

Exray’s on Tour
6/8 @ San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop (Record Release Show w/ Mwahaha, Devonwho, Maus Haus)
6/15 @ Tacoma, WA – The Space
6/16 @ Olympia, WA – Little House on the Perry
6/17 @ Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern
6/22 @ San Diego, CA – Soda Bar
6/23 @ Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy
9/15 @ San Francisco, CA – Rock Make Street Festival