Kero Kero Bonito Bounce in New Track “Trampoline”

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Not sure what the weather is like where you are, but it is gray and rainy where we are, but this new Kero Kero Bonito track is bringing some much needed color to our Monday. “Trampoline” is the latest track from the London trio off their new LP, Bonito Generation, out on October 21st via Double Denim.

Photo Recap: Ryley Walker, Promised Land Sound, and Kevin Krauter @ The Bishop

When Ryley Walker played the Bishop a year ago, his open-air blend of rippling guitar folk drew a pretty decent crowd of newcomers to the Bloomington bar. Now that the excellent Primrose Green has had time to seep into public consciousness, Walker’s latest Bishop show felt like a packed party of old friends reminiscing on what they did last summer. His latest release, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, is even looser and spacier than his previous album, allowing Walker and his band the opportunity to explore mood and composition in a live set with little restrictions.

In support that night was Promised Land Sound, a Tennessee four piece playing ferocious Southern rock, as well as Kevin Krauter, best known as part of Bloomington’s own purveyors of chill, Hoops.


Ryley Walker


Promised Land Sound



Kevin Krauter


Photos and words by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Twin Peaks, NE-HI, & Hoops @ Joyful Noise Recordings

On the night of Monday, June 6th, 2016 Joyful Noise Recordings hosted a show featuring Hoops, NE-HI, and, the evening’s headliners: Twin Peaks. Set after set was a mix of fast guitars and ripped canvas sneakers that eventually boiled over into Twin Peaks’ members yelping and snarling the crowd into a frenzy. “We’ve been playing a lot of stadium shows lately,” bassist Jack Dolan said to the sold out crowd packed into the room, “so it feels good to be here.”


Chicago’s NE-HI spent their cinnamon whiskey-fueled set ripping through song after song. Hoops, the bill’s local support, started the evening off with a stacked set that immediately sent the crowd to the merch table upon its close. Many audience members were left disappointed, though, once they learned the band had quickly sold out of their vinyl stock.


Twin Peaks






Photos and Words by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Damien Jurado & The Heavy Light @ The Hi-Fi

Visions of Us on the Land, the latest release from Damien Jurado, provides those familiar with the long running catalog of the singer-songwriter plenty to sink into. Jurado’s soulful, plaintive vocals nestle in wonderfully with the album’s instrumental arrangements, alternating between reserved hush and a layered, expansive wildness.

The crowd at The Hi-Fi packed in to the venue to see Jurado & The Heavy Light fill the space with walls of sound, each one culminating in rapturous applause. Labelmate Ben Abraham opened the evening with an intimate set, performing songs off of his debut record Sirens.


Damien Jurado & The Heavy Light


Ben Abraham


Photos and words by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Titus Andronicus and Craig Finn @ The Bluebird

Traveling behind their latest great release, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, Titus Andronicus crashed into Bloomington alongside Craig Finn as a part of the “No Faith, No Future, No Problem” tour. Both acts played to an enraptured crowd at The Bluebird, a majority of the audience screaming and hoisting beers into the air with each chorus. The friendship between Patrick Stickles and Craig Finn on full display throughout the night made the show seem like a college hangout in your best friend’s garage that happens to feature an evening with two of the most remarkably creative minds on the national touring stage right now.

Catch them on the road while you still can.


Titus Andronicus


Craig Finn


Photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Protomartyr @ Blockhouse

Seeing Protomartyr on tour behind The Agent Intellect, their latest on Hardly Art Records, at Bloomington, IN’s Blockhouse seemed fitting. The packed space was dimly lit and sparsely outfitted except for a few thrift-store couches, a minimalist canvas for the humble Detroit four-piece to craft with their sound in lieu of elaborate decorations and light shows. The mortal weight of Joe Casey’s lyrics bleeding through the PA over the thundering, churning music of his bandmates gave shape to the brutality of existence. All the while, nothing in the venue changed outside of the number of empty beer cans on the floor: the lights remained dim, the music stayed loud, and the crowd screamed until their voices cracked. The screams, though, were practically brimming with joy, the byproduct of an audience in complete awe of the artists before them, in shock of their proximity to their post-punk heroes. “I can’t believe they’re here!” one member kept screaming, all the while putting his hands on his head in disbelief of the setlist unfolding before him. With an album as solid as Intellect, hopefully Protomartyr will be back through again soon.








Words and photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Photo Recap: Little Tybee @ The Melody Inn

Out on tour before finalizing their newest record, Atlanta, GA’s Little Tybee came through to play at The Melody Inn this summer. Performing their mix of jazz-tinged folk pop at a club famous for local punk shows, Little Tybee were met by a crowd enraptured by their arrangements and musicianship. If their live shows and previous records are any indication, their newest record should prove to be another impressive offering.

Photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)