MOKB Premiere : BASECAMP : “Shudder” (Goodnight Cody Remix)

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Nashville trio BASECAMP dropped their great self-titled debut EP one last year with a smooth blend of electronic-based rock and R&B that managed to sound refreshing in a bloated landscape of musicians trying to pull off a similar sound. Currently, the band is hard at work trying to build off the initial success with a follow-up EP due out later this year.

In the meantime, they recently dropped a one-off song “Shudder” just to remind everyone that they are around. The song had a soft club vibe to it. Think a trendy beach spot at sundown. The remix from Los Angeles’ Goodnight Cody isolates softer moments only to have it flicker bright, drop back, then slowly culminate with sparkling sheen creating a dreamy, magical playground of noise. Stream it below along with the original.

Song : EKKAH : “Figure It Out” (Anna Of The North Safari Remix)

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It is always a good thing when artists we are into hook up with each other. Just is the case with this new remix of “Figure It Out” that just popped up from two of our discoveries from 2014, UK pair EKKAH and Scandinavian dreampop artist Anna of the North. You might recall us discussing the original version of the song a few months back. This version strips away the ’90s R&B sound and replaces it with lush, Balearic-tinged textures. The gorgeous breakdown around the four-minute mark really just clinches the entire reworking. Stream it below and be sure to check out “Sway” from Anna of the North, one of our favorite tracks this year.

Song : Yamanka // Sonic Titan : “Hoshi Neko” (CFCF Remix Organic Version)

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Canadian group Yamanka // Sonic Titan released their self-titled debut way back in 2011. One of the standout tracks from it, “Hoshi Neko”, was remixed the time by CFCF with it never seeing the light of day. Today, Michael Silver, the brains behind CFCF, decided to take things into his own hands by dropping his ethereal reworking via his SoundCloud. While the original is great, we like this one even more. He states that he will be dropping his electronic remix of the song very soon as well. Listen below.

MOKB Premiere : Paperwhite : “Magic” (The Other Sibling Cascade Mix)

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With only two proper songs to their name, the Brooklyn sibling duo of Katie & Ben Marshall, aka Paperwhite, have been attracting a lot of attention with both songs racking up around 100k plays on SoundCloud. “Magic” is the most recent of the two pairing Katie’s sugary-sweet vocals complimented by rolling synth-based production celebrating all of those overwhelming feelings of new love.

Not to be outdone, their brother Sam, who composes videogame music for Playstation, has decided give his take of the song. His version strips the airier moments of the original and replaces them with heavier, stepping beats and more minimalistic synth waves. Listen below.


MOKB Premiere : SlowPlaceLikeHome : “She Comes In Colour Stereo” (Replete Remix)

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Enigmatic Donegal, Ireland artist Keith Mannion, aka SlowPlaceLikeHome, has his debut album, Romola, dropping on August 11th via Bluestack Records. The first song taken from the LP “She Comes IN Colour Stereo” lines itself it post-punk pop melodies and deep, moaning vocals painted in darker tones. The remix we have by fellow Irishman Replete builds on the darkness adding flickers of synth and percussion bringing just enough light into the song making it not out of place on the dancefloor. Stream it below.

Song : RÜFÜS DU SOL : “Sundream” (Classixx Remix)

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RÜFÜS DU SOL is another Aussie its sights on the States. Already garnering success in their native land with debut album Atlas, they are begging their push here with an EP for the song “Sundream” featuring remix’s by Wordlife, Hayden James, and this one by LA maestros Classixx. There version takes the original smoothing it out to a poolside chiller. Stream it below.

Video : Cut Copy : “Meet Me In A House Of Love”

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Cut Copy is in the midst of a tour here in the States with Classixx and re-releasing their latest LP, Free Your Mind, in deluxe form with three previously unreleased songs. In addition, they have just video for the song “Meet Me In A House Of Love”. It was directed by Australians Trouble Hands and shows a gentleman interview paper cutouts of the band and doing his best impersonation on stage. Find it along with a recent remix of the song by Nile Delta below.