Song : Dot : “Space Race” (Ellie Herring Remix)

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Founder of Unspeakable Records and 22-year-old LA producer Dot received a remix of her “Space Race” by Lexington, KY’s Ellie Herring. Herring chops the video game elements and smooths out the edges to great to create a head bobbing jam required for a night of cruising the city with the top down. Stream both versions below.

Song : How To Dress Well : “Repeat Pleasure” (A.G. Cook Remix)

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We had the pleasure to catch Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well in Louisville this past weekend at what turned out to not be the best audience for his soothing delivery. Regardless, it still was an enjoyable set that was highlighted by many of the great songs that make up his latest effort, What Is This Heart?, including standout “Repeat Pleasure”. PC Music maestro A.G. Cook has decided give his twist of the previously mentioned “Repeat Pleasure” speeding up the vocals and integrating a wall of synths that works quite well together. Stream it below.

MOKB Premiere : The Mercy Beat : “Sweet” (Soto Voce Remix)

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After being somewhat shrouded in mystery upon first learning about The Mercy Beat, we now know that the trio is comprised of Matty Bennett, Ian Smith and Sam Endicott, whom the latter you may recognize from early aughts act The Bravery. Their debut self-titled EP is out now on French label OSKAR Recordings. Today, they have unveiled a remix to the song that began this new chapter in their musical journey, “Sweet”. Reworked by Soto Voce (Miguel De Vivo from LA’s Villains), it takes more of a droning direction sonically dimming the brightness of the original. Listen below.

Song : Cash+David : “Pulse” (Peaking Lights Remix)

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London synth duo Cash+David continue to be elusive with their identity, which is starting to make us believe we may already be aware of them in some other capacity such as the offspring of a celebrity or from a previous, more mainstream, project that they might be trying to shed. Regardless of their identity, they have a new remix of their song “Pulse” (hear original here) from husband-and-wife duo Peaking Lights, who recently announced their new LP, Cosmic Logic. Their version is a more structured sound with Middle Eastern tweaks. Stream it below.

Song : JOY. : “Captured” (ISLND Remix)

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Aussie Olivia McCarthy aka JOY. dropped her video for debut song “Captured” earlier this week and she doesn’t let up. Today, we get a beach club reworking of the ethereal song from Sydney’s ISLND. It provides a nice contrast to the original and shows how versatile of a song it really is. Listen and download below.

Song : Wet : “Move Me” (TÂCHES Remix)

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Enigmatic producer TÂCHES masterfully reworks “Move Me”, the latest from Brooklyn-based three-piece Wet. He replaced the moodiness of the original and electrifies the song with club-ready beats and Balearic sounds. This version might be better than the already great original. Decide for yourself below.

MOKB Premiere : BASECAMP : “Shudder” (Goodnight Cody Remix)

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Nashville trio BASECAMP dropped their great self-titled debut EP one last year with a smooth blend of electronic-based rock and R&B that managed to sound refreshing in a bloated landscape of musicians trying to pull off a similar sound. Currently, the band is hard at work trying to build off the initial success with a follow-up EP due out later this year.

In the meantime, they recently dropped a one-off song “Shudder” just to remind everyone that they are around. The song had a soft club vibe to it. Think a trendy beach spot at sundown. The remix from Los Angeles’ Goodnight Cody isolates softer moments only to have it flicker bright, drop back, then slowly culminate with sparkling sheen creating a dreamy, magical playground of noise. Stream it below along with the original.