Song : Daughter : “Winter” (Warpaint Remix)

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Through mutual admiration for one another’s work, Daughter and Warpaint have hooked up to remix each other’s favorite songs of the other to be released digitally. To start things off, Warpaint selected to rework “Winter” from Daughter’s fantastic 2013 debut If You Leave. Their version maintains the ethereal vocals, but underscores them with glitch club beats. Daughter’s remix of Warpaint will be unveiled next week on December 2nd. You Stream below.

Song : Denitia and Sene : “side fx” (Ellie Herring Remix)

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The always on point Ellie Herring has reimagined Brooklyn’s Denitia and Sene. She takes their recent song “side fx” and turns it into a crazy fever dream bringing in new elements that are both in and out of place. Stream and download it below.

Song : Anna of the North : “Sway” (et aliae Remix)

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Earlier this year, Scandi newcomer Anna of the North dazzled with her proper song debut “Sway” and she is not ready to move on just quite yet. She recently enlisted London producer et aliae to give the song an even more dreamlike remix covering it in a smoky haze leaving just enough space for light to creep through. Stream it below and check out a previous reworking of the song by Togetherness here.

MOKB Premiere : Pr0files : “Forgive” (BetaTraxx Remix)

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LA’s Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum have worked with or been associated in some form or fashion with the likes of Skrillex, Corin Roddick of Purity Ring, Ellie Goulding, Gorillaz, and Miami Horror, so it is no surprise that they decided to stake out their own claim with the project Pr0files. Having released several great tracks already this year, their latest song is Kavinsky-styled “Forgive” with a little more sheen from the vocals from Pardini. The remix we have for you today takes the original and gives a ’90s big beat twist in the vein of The Chemical Brothers courtesy of another LA resident BetaTraxx. Stream both versions below and do yourself a favor and also give a listen to their cover of Phosphorescent’s “Song for Zulu”.

MOKB Premiere : MAMMALS : “Move Slower” (ft. Flash Forest) (Johnny Green – Less Than Zero Remix)

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Sydney-based vocalist/producer Guy Brown, who goes by MAMMALS, released his quite good Animalia EP this past summer. You might recall him from the song “Alls Well” he collaborated with LOVELESS on or his recent released electro-smash with LVTHER. Today, we have a reworking by fellow Aussie producer Johnny Green of “Move Slower”, one of the singles from his latest LP that features Flash Forest. It is a wonderful remix invoking sensations of waves of sound rolling on top of one another. Green says of the remix:

“When I heard Mammals’ original tune feat: Flash Forest I kinda heard Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ in the vocal delivery. I also heard it working with a Kavinsky type ’slow-driving electro tune’ underneath it. As the remix developed it reminded me of the emotion I got from the film ‘Less Than Zero’ starring Robert Downey Jr. For me, the Move Slower remix is about prolonging enjoyable moments and wanting them to last forever.”

Song : Yumi Zouma : “Alena” (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)

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Sam Ray, aka Ricky Eat Acid, flips Yumi Zouma’s latest fantastic single “Alena” on its back with this new remix that just dropped. Ray had some creative block upon being asked to do the remix initially, but, according to him, “ended up so inspired by it” and “being one of my favorite things I’ve ever gotten to be part of & gave me a very necessary new inspiration & drive.” If that sounds like hyperbole, give the remix a listen. You really cannot argue with the magnificent results that Yumi Zouma described as “cosmic and constantly expanding.” Stream below.

Song : Ryn Weaver : “Octahate” (Cashmere Cat Remix)

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By now, a lot of you have already caught the tidal wave that is pop songstress Ryn Weaver. Today, the song that started it all, “Octahate” gets a brilliant reworking by producer Cashmere Cat. This may be blasphemy, but we might like it better than the original and the original is great. Listen below.