Premiere: Listen to High Highs’ “Catch the Wind” Remixed by Northeast Kingdom

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“Our friends Cameo Culture and Slow Hands have a new project called North East Kingdom. They jammed out over the The Catch The Wind acapella and came up with this little gem.” – High Highs

Now based firmly in Brooklyn, Sydney, Australia natives High Highs really seem to have settled in with their sophomore LP, Cascades, released back in February of this year further complimenting their gorgeous harmonies with a more accessible pop sound. One of the highlights from the solid album from start to finish is the somber, yet soaring “Catch the Wind.” Instead of making the sound larger, Northeast Kingdom, a new project of Cameo Culture and Slow Hands, stripped it down creating almost a fireside folk track over gorgeous guitar and banjo work in their interpretation. The lovely results can be found below.

Listen to Port St. Willow’s “Ordinary Pleasure” Remixed by Noah

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Nicholas Principe’s project Port St. Willow released new LP Syncope late last year. Just when you thought the beautifully understated album couldn’t be further subdued, Flau label-mate Noah added her feathery touch in a remix of standout track “Ordinary Pleasure” pulling out the peaking through the clouds warmth of the original and taking it to a completely new place. Listen below and purchase the album here.

Premiere: French Duo The Dø’s “Trustful Hands” Gets Remixed by Pedro Vian

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Parisian pair The Dø released their third album, Shake Shook Shaken, during the early part of last year. One of the more attractive songs from the album was the palette-friendly “Trustful Hands”. Recently, the song has received the remix treatment by the hands of Gilligan Moss and The Gravity. Today, we have a more abstract take of the song courtesy of Spanish producer Pedro Vian. His interpretation turns the song into a meditative prayer acting as a mental stress dissolver with every gentle brush. Listen to it below along with the previous mentioned remixes and original.

Allie X Shares Remix of “Tumor” Courtesy of Icterine (aka XXYYXX)

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Allie X’s output for the last couple of years has been some of our favorite, so we enjoy reworkings on her music to keep things fresh. She just dropped a GIF visual (an altered version from GIF for the original) and formally blessed a remix of her track “Tumor” by Icterine aka Marcel Everett aka XXYYXX that has been floating around for a few months. If you aren’t familiar with it, now is your chance below. Also, you can check out a video of her performing “Sanctuary” live that came with the release of her CollXtion 1 in the UK.

Premiere: Stream Introverted Dancefloor’s Remix EP

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Over the last couple of days, we have revealed a couple of tracks off a new remix EP from Carpark Record’s artist Bevan Smith aka Introverted Dancefloor featuring reworkings from his self-titled debut under that moniker release earlier this year (purchase here). Bevin previously recorded solo under the names Signer and Aspen along with being a member of The Ruby Suns (Sub Pop, Lil’ Chief Records, Memphis Industries). In addition to contributions from Simon Flower and Boycrush (found here and here), James Duncan, Instant Fantasy, and Will Slugger round out the all-New Zealand affair giving new life and differing perspectives to the tracks “Happiness is Such a Mess”, “Giving Up On Summer”, and “Tiger Bones”. You can now stream the surprisingly cohesive set in its entirety below, wind down your work week, and transition into the weekend.

Premiere: Boycrush Reworks Introverted Dancefloor’s “Giving Up On Summer”

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Our second reveal (previous can be heard here) off a new five-song remix EP from New Zealand’s Bevan Smith aka Introverted Dancefloor see’s Boycrush, a project we became familiar earlier this year with his song “Flirt” featuring former Yumi Zouma singer Kim Pflaum aka Madeira, readjusting “Giving Up On Summer” more in his image. Listen below.

“Boycrush is Alistair Deverick. He also lives in Auckland and I played in the Ruby Suns with him. He’s like a proper musician though and he played drums for people like Neil Finn and has jammed with Johnny Marr. He makes cool electronic pop music under the name Boycrush. His remix took quite a while to finish. Demos of the first version he sent me were cool but when I asked for the final version he sent me something totally different and way better I think. Of course I love the idea of working on something for ages and then near the last minute, deleting it and quickly spewing out something completely different and better.” – Bevan Smith aka Introverted Dancefloor

Premiere: Stream Simon Flower’s Club-Friendly Remix of Introverted Dancefloor’s “Giving Up On Summer”

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New Zealand’s Bevan Smith is a man who likes to stay busy. Most likely best known for his contributions in the band Ruby Suns, he also has recorded solo under the names Signer and Aspen. His latest outlet goes by Introverted Dancefloor and he released a self-titled LP under the moniker just a couple of months back via Carpark Records. Limiting himself to the use of two synthesizers, one mic, one filter, and one effects processer, the album is has a minimalistic quality with easily digestible dance/electronic pop that might be in near the same vicinity of a Hot Chip, but more experimental. Today, we have a first in a series of remixes of tracks from Smith’s friend, Simon Flower. Flower along with the rest of the remixes were all share the common fact that they are fellow New Zealanders. You can find the remix below along with background on how the reworking came about.

“I met Simon Flower in a IRC chat room sometime around 1996. He lives in Auckland. Almost 20 years ago he remixed a song for me off my first album which I released under the name Aspen. He remixed a song called ‘Wedding Song’ I remember hearing it played on National Radio and that was a massive buzz for me. He co-founded a label called Nurture and released some amazing 12”’s under his own moniker Peak:Shift as well releasing some 12”’s by NZ’s underground techno hero Micronism. I thought it would be fun to revisit the past and ask Simon to remix something again. I’m glad I did! I’m always impressed by how, despite changes in technology, studio equipment, geographical location, Simon’s music always sounds so immediately ‘his’.” – Bevan Smith aka Introverted Dancefloor