Listen to “Can You Deal?” by Bleached

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Last year’s Welcome The Worms release by Los Angeles garage-punk band Bleached contained a couple of my favorite songs of the year (“Sour Candy” and “Wednesday Night Melody“), so I’m thrilled to hear they are so quickly following it up with a new EP, entitled Can You Deal?.

The EP will be accompanied by a zine with the same name. The zine will contain essays, art, and poetry from all sorts of amazing female artists and musicians, and all proceeds from the zine will go to Planned Parenthood. Full list of contributors after the jump.

Can You Deal? will be released on March 3rd through Dead Oceans, but you can pre-order it now.

Can You Deal? Tracklist:
1. Can You Deal?
2. Flipside
3. Turn to Rage
4. Dear Trouble

Bleached Tour Dates and Zine Contributors: (more…)

Coins releases Beastie Boys x Daft Punk mash-up album, Daft Science

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This past week, it started to creep in. I maintain a pretty positive outlook. I’m really #blessed in this life, and I know, appreciate it, and work hard to maintain it. But, the post-election reality has been setting in – the disappointment, the anxiety, the confusion about who we are as a people. And then Sharon Jones died. Ugh..seriously? Last night, I went and watched The Edge of Seventeen, and there is a scene where puberty-laden Hailee Steinfeld looks up to the heavens and asks, “Are you even up there?!” It’s been that kind of year.

Enter Coins to save, at least, the day. The Canadian producer has been releasing Daft Punk/Beastie Boys mashup tracks since 2014, but he’s now assembled eight fantastic mashups into a new album called Daft Science. Coins combines classics like ‘Ch-Check It Out’ with ‘Around The World’ and ‘Root Down’ over ‘Robot Rock’, and they are all sure to help you end this week on a high note!

Download : De La Soul’s Entire Catalog for Free

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In honor of their debut, 3 Feet High and Rising, turning 25 year old this year, legendary hip-hop group De La Soul are giving everyone an amazing gift. For the next 24 hours, starting now, you can download their entire catalog for free at their website. According to Posdnuos from Rolling Stone, “it’s been too long where our fans haven’t had access to everything. This is our way of showing them how much we love them.” Well, what are you waiting for? Get at it!

Kickstarter Spotlight : Musicians’ Desk Reference

We at MOKB are huge fans of music. Whether it is promoting artists on our blog or booking them for live show through MOKB Presents, we always want to do anything we can to help great music find a place with a larger audience. Throught the years, we have had the pleasure to come in contact with many individuals in the music industry that we consider a part of the MOKB family. One of those people is Brian Penick, who is a veteran of the Cincinnati music scene. For the last 2 years, Brian has been working with The Counter Rhythm Group offering assistance in areas such as record marketing, publicity and radio promotion to a broader demographic of artists than traditionally serviced. The Musicians’ Desk Reference was developed as a system that would offer guidelines and instructions to musicians on a larger scale while remaining customizable. So just like all great ideas, it was created out of need with thought to keep the cost low for musicians. We will let them explain the thoughts behind this idea in their own words. From the Kickstarter page:

The purpose of MUSICIANS’ DESK REFERENCE is to create a set of guidelines that define the unknown variables musicians inevitably face when dealing with the music business. The working model of the book organizes and chronologically displays a set of instructions that will help both those who are just starting their musical careers to established and experienced musicians working on their own progression.

Through a collection of constructed documentation, including templates, instructional guides, examples and video tutorials, MUSICIANS’ DESK REFERENCE offers a completely customizable experience for the user by highlighting several pertinent aspects of the music industry.

It is the belief of the author that through standardization of information and working models within the music business, musicians will have answers to the ever important questions of WHEN, WHY and most importantly HOW to progress within the modern music industry.

Right now, they are to a little over half of their goal of $20000 with 8 days remaining on the campaign. If you find this to be a worthwhile idea, head over to their page to donate, even if it is only a dollar. For music fans, it should always be a priority to keep this profession as viable as possible for the artists.

Just Announced : RUN D.M.C. to Reunite for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

The remaining members of the legendary RUN D.M.C. will reunite for the first time since the passing of Jam-Master Jay in 2002 at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX that runs from November 2nd – 4th. They will headline the main stage and D.M.C. will, also, perform a solo set during the festival showcasing tracks from his new album. You can check out the fun teaser video for this announcement below. The full lineup is expected out later this week.

For more on the fest, go here. General Admission passes and tickets will go on sale in July. However, PIP passes are currently on sale.

Forcastle Festival Lineup : Louisville, KY : July 13th – 15th, 2012

The Forcastle Festival announced the full-lineup for this years event. My Morning Jacket were brought in the fold to help curate the event for its 10th anniversary as well as perform. In addition to MMJ, the festival will feature such acts as Wilco, Sleigh Bells, Girl Talk, Andrew Bird, Real Estate, Wilco, and much more. The fest will take place at Louisville’s Waterfront Park on July 13th – 15th. You can purchase tickets here.

The Priceless Music Project : Tender Loving Empire

And so here it is 2012 and with it comes another totally rad idea from Portland Oregon’s own Tender Loving Empire. It seems the label founders, mates Jared and Brianne Mees, in addition to their band (Jared Mees and The Grown Children) and handmade goods/printing studio/consignment store, have yet again found a way to push the envelope when it comes to community unity between fans and their favorite bands. The Priceless Music Project is a new take on the e-commerce platform of pay-what-you-want for music model. Fans can choose the option of paying nothing for an album, yet agree to spread the word about the band to friends, or on social networking sites, as well as getting out to see them on tour; or up to any price they feel the album is worthy, including the above and beyond album price donation option. Such a gesture on the fan’s part can nab some awesome Scooby-snacks, like bonus songs not otherwise included, links to pre-ordered concert tix, access to live video and any other VIP delights the band wants to share with its top donors. Each band can also choose a percentage of total sales to be donated to a charity of its choice, letting the fans know that ultimately their music consumerism is giving back to the community where the artists live. A win-win-win, if you will.  

So from now until February 8th, TLE is raising the funds needed to develop The Priceless Music Project, with the goal of releasing their entire 2012 roster on this program. Incentives for donation include a laundry list of groovy goods, from un-developed disposable cameras their bands took with them on recent tours, to the Mees’s giving a donor (hopefully a super generous one) the ability to choose their unborn daughter’s middle name. FREALZ, yo. I mean, they are Portland’ers after all. And clearly, uber-passionate about their label, it’s artists, their fan base and community. For more on this campaign, go to You can also check out the short, sweet, informational video on The Priceless Music Project below.

Download: Tender Loving Empire Sampler

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