New Song : KAV : Mr. Nice

British expat and former Happy Mondays guitarist KAV kinda fell off the radar following the release of his critically-lauded 2008 Blaggers N Liars EP, but recently tested the waters, touring with DATAROCK and Eastern Conference Champions, leading up to the release of his The Mr Nice EP.  The release is designed as a companion piece to Mr. Nice, a Howard Marks biopic starring Rhys Ifans & Chloe Sevigny.

Not familiar with this Howard Mark fellow? This author/teacher/drug smuggler thrived in the 80s, when he boasted forty-three aliases, eighty-nine phone lines and control of twenty-five companies. Why, you ask? Well, in the 70s & 80s, Marks was responsible for importing most of the marijuana sold in the UK, as well as moving mountains of hashish into Europe and America in the equipment of touring rock bands. Ever the opportunist, Marks also had dealings with folks like the CIA, MI6, the IRA and the Mafia. Sounds better than Catch Me If You Can.

As far as KAV, his next release is The Shake It Like You Hate It EP (featuring remixes from Dan Oh! from DIM MAK & Jesse Rogg), which purportedly will finally be followed by KAV’s full-length debut some time 2011. Regardless of how you look at it, the title track from the Mr. Nice EP is a drug song, albeit more Primal Scream than Peter, Paul and Mary.

MP3 : KAV – Mr. Nice

New Video : True Margrit : Opposite, Opposite Man

Long mainstays on the San Francisco music scene, piano-powered trio True Margrit are getting ready to ride the wave of a double-barreled publicity onslaught. Not only are they preparing to release their fifth full-length, The Stranger In Us, but have also contributed music to writer/director writer Scott Boswell’s film of the same name. Newly available on DVD, The Stranger In Us is a gritty, verité-style drama that chronicles the life of Anthony, a newcomer to San Francisco, who attempts to come to terms with his abusive ex-lover after striking up an unlikely friendship with a street hustler.

Perhaps not surprisingly, True Margrit’s song Opposite, Opposite Man is doing double-duty, serving as both the film’s musical theme, as well as the lead single from The Stranger In Us.

New Trailer : TRON + Daft Punk = Amazeballs

We’ve all been pretty geeked out about Daft Punk creating the soundtrack for the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie. The first real sample, a track dubbed Derezzed, showed up a few weeks back as a 20-second snippet, and stoked the fires even moreso. This new near-two minute trailer features the helmeted DJ duo in a very natural role, as futuristic DJs providing the soundtrack to a death match.

The Tron: Legacy soundtrack will be released December 7th, and the film will hit theaters on December 17th.

New Song + Saga : Jeremy Messersmith : Tatooine

Jeremy Messersmith swung through Indy a few weeks back and won over a bushel of new fans at the White Rabbit Cabaret with selections from his critically-lauded The Reluctant Graveyard. Well, it seems Mssr. Messersmith is either a creative machine, or saddled with chronic insomnia, because he just keeps churning out material. Today, we’re sharing Eric Powers’ muy condensed animated take on the Star Wars Trilogy that conveniently serves as the video for Messersmith’s new song, Tatooine. If you likes (and, honestly, how could you not?) feel free to name your price.

More Messersmith
MP3 : Jeremy Messersmith : Violet!
MP3 : Jeremy Messersmith : Organ Donor

Free Music : Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross : The Social Network

Not exactly sure when Trent Reznor became so generous, but you’ll not find me complaining. By now, you’ve surely seen the flashy trailers for David Fincher’s newest project, The Social Network. The film opens on October 1st, but thanks to Reznor and his How To Destroy Angels partner, Atticus Ross, you can sample the film’s score for nothing. Download a free five-track EP, and if you like what you hear, head over to Amazon on September 28th or 29th to download the entire soundtrack for $2.99.

MOKB’s Week O’Movies : Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

I can hardly believe we stuck with something for an entire week, but yet here we are. Today we’re dipping our toes into a little experimental stop-motion narrative courtesy of filmmaker/musician, Brent Green. Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then is the dark, yet poignant and mostly-true true of Leonard Wood, a Kentucky hardware store clerk who designed and built a bizarre and sprawling home for his wife in hope that it would cure her terminal cancer.

Not satisfied with simply writing, directing and editing his films, Green goes the extra mile and provides live narration and musical score during screenings. Recent performances of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then have boasted makeshift ensembles comprised of some impressive folks, including Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand),  Drew Henkels (Drew and the Medicinal Pen) and Catherine McRae.

The next performance is going down September 24th at Cornell Cinema. Sadly, I have no idea when and where the general public will have an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of Green’s labor after that, so yer best bet is just to visit Nervous Films and the film’s blog when you’re in the neighborhood.

MOKB Week O’Movies
Monday : On The Road With David Bazan
Tuesday : Dust Radio – A Film About Chris Whitley
Wednesday : Until The Light Takes Us
Thursday :
L’Abandon – The Film

MOKB’s Week O’Movies : L’Abandon – The Film

Stills by Scott Christensen

Welcome to Day 4 of MOKB’s Week O’ Movies. After three days of documentaries, we’re turning the spotlight on narrative films for the last two days. Sorta. Tucson chanteuse, and frequent Joey Burns collaborator, Marianne Dissard is all over surrealist cowpoke epic, L’Abandon – The Film, aka Lonesome Cowgirls. The film is based on Andy Warhol’s Lonesome Cowboys, and conceived as the companion piece to Dissard’s new album, L’Abandon (due in January 2011). Shot in 24 hrs in Keeylocko, AZ with a crew of 35 and a cast of a dozen amateurs, the film finds Dissard on both sides of the camera, functioning as both the film’s director and star.

L’Abandon, the record, plays a prominent role throughout the film, which is not surprising given the folks Dissard got to lend a hand, including co-producer BK-One (Rhymesayers, Brother Ali), Sergio Mendoza (Calexico), Thøger Lund (Giant Sand) and MOKB-fave, Luke Doucet. If you happen to be in Tuscon on October 14th, you can head over to the Loft Cinema for the world premiere of L’Abandon – The Film, otherwise you’ll be stuck waiting until 2011. In the meantime, I highly recommend helping yourself to a free download of Dissard’s awesome Paris One Takes.

MOKB Week O’Movies
Monday : On The Road With David Bazan
Tuesday : Dust Radio – A Film About Chris Whitley
Wednesday : Until The Light Takes Us

MOKB’s Week O’ Movies : Until The Light Takes Us

Week O’ Movies marches on. Here at MOKB, we’re pretty lax in our coverage of Black Metal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know our Darkthrone from a hole in the ground. Fans have been buzzing for months about the October 19th DVD release of Until The Light Takes Us, filmmakers Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell’s look at the bizarre and tragic events that occurred within the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the 1990s. As someone how has been treated to an advanced screener, I’m happy to say it’s worth the wait.

Setting aside the music and copious violence, Until The Light Takes Us is, at its core, the story of two men, Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell (Darkthrone) and Varg ‘’Count Grishnackh” Vikernes (Mayhem, Burzum), their relationship and the relationship of each to the genre they helped sire. Interviews with Vikernes, for whom Black Metal was a means of political and cultural rebellion, are conducted from his cell within Trondheim Maximum Security Prison, where he is serving a life sentence. Standing in stark contrast to Vikernes’s physical confinement, Fenriz is a man confined with himself, moving ghost-like through modern society still of the belief that his music is an artistic, rather than political, statement.

In addition to interviews with Fenriz and Vikernes, the film draws from many sources to tell the story, including Norwegian news broadcasts, rehearsal and performance footage, and cameos from members of Immortal, Mayhem and Satyricon. There’s also plenty of music from Boards Of Canada, Black Dice, Burzum, Darkthrone and Gorgoroth among others. It goes without saying that there’s enough murder, suicide and arson to supply a month’s worth of CSI episodes.

While far from a comprehensive history of this oft vilified genre, and technically a little rough around the edges, Until The Light Takes Us is nonetheless a fascinating and sometime poignant look at two of the Black Metal movement’s catalysts. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary for their next dinner-and-a-DVD night, so throw it on your Netflix queue, or buy a copy for your undeserving brother. And if you dig the movie, why not invest in the filmmakers’ follow up project, The Egg? Haven’t you always wanted to tell people you were a producer?

MOKB Week O’Movies
Monday : On The Road With David Bazan
Tuesday : Dust Radio – A Film About Chris Whitley