UPCOMING AND LIVE: 9/14 LaundroMatinee Session with RIDE

Normally our Laundro crew gets invited to film a band, captures some magic, then shares that with you later on. This time we’re doing a little experiment and letting you know about a session ahead of time.

This Saturday, Sept. 14th we’ll be filming a LaundroMatinee session with shoegaze legends RIDE at 2pm at LUNA music in Broad Ripple. The band doesn’t have a concert booked in Indiana so if you’re interested in checking them out this might be the perfect way to do so. LUNA is even hosting the event free to the public and there aren’t any tickets necessary to get in. The band is touring their newest album This Is Not A Safe Place and will be sticking around for autographs.



More info can be found on LUNA’s site, and be sure to give RIDE’s catalog a listen before Saturday. We’ll see you then.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Record Store Day at LUNA music

For music fans, April is particularly special month thanks to the nationally recognized holiday known as Record Store Day. Independent record stores celebrate their local communities every year by throwing parties, selling special-edition records, and hosting performances by some of the best local bands. As always, we were celebrating with our pals at LUNA music to document their day’s events and festivities and this year was as vibrant as ever. Be sure to check out each video below and revel in the greatness of your local scene.

Oreo Jones and DMA

Mr. Kinetik and The Movement


Glitter Brains

Radar Gold


filmed by Melissa Cardenas / Doug Fellegy / Sheridan Gibson / Becca Johnson / Clay Lomneth
edited by Doug Fellegy

Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Kevin Krauter Instore at LUNA music

Kevin Krauter‘s latest release, Toss Up, out on Bayonet Records is an in house favorite from 2018 around here. Back last summer, Krauter stopped by LUNA music to play an instore set before heading out on tour.



The instore performance also included tracks from Changes, Krauter’s first solo excursion. Live versions of songs like “Shadow Boxing” and “Cowboy Chloe” feature Krauter’s delicate vocals layered over soothingly minimalist guitar arrangements, offering a deeper and more focused take on his work. It’s a sound that gets more and more rewarding with each listen.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Kevin Krauter at LUNA music

Every year Indianapolis throws down for Record Store Day and every year our LaundroMatinee crew assemble to capture the sights and the sounds. Our next release from that day at LUNA music is from Kevin Krauter, a favorite son amongst Indy’s local music scene. Formerly a member of the celebrated Bloomington band, Hoops, Krauter’s solo releases have reveled in a hazy glimmer that currently find him touring the UK. Relive a highlight from his set below, and check back next week for an extended instore performance.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Sleeping Bag at LUNA music

Every year Indianapolis throws down for Record Store Day and every year our LaundroMatinee crew assemble to capture the sights and the sounds. Our next release from that day at LUNA music is from Sleeping Bag, indie-stalwarts based out of Bloomington, IN. They’ve put on some of the most consistently great Record Store Day performances we’ve ever been lucky enough to witness over the years, so we were thrilled to get to record them here.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Overcoats at LUNA music

Overcoats, a folk-soul duo made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell with Joao Gonzalez on percussion, fill up any space they perform in with unquestionable joy. When they performed at LUNA music the band played selections from their critically acclaimed album Youngpiling on the synths and layered vocals to create an experience that out-performs any recording. You can relive, or experience for the first time, these songs via our attempts at capturing the magic that Elion, Mitchell, and Gonzalez created.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Mudkids at LUNA music

Every year Indianapolis throws down for Record Store Day and every year our LaundroMatinee crew assemble to capture the sights and the sounds. We’re starting off our recap in a big way by with Mudkids, a legendary local hip hop crew who performed at LUNA music. With energy like this it’s easy to see why so many turn out for this party.