[WIN THIS! Louisville, KY] : Tickets for The Hold Steady at Headliners : 08/28/11

You know MOKB loves our live music here in Indianapolis, but just about anytime we can hook some of readers up with free tickets, we are always down. With that being said, we were given three pairs of tickets to The Hold Steady show in Louisville, KY at Headliner’s on Sunday, August 28th at 9pm.

This is an 18 and older show with doors opening at 8pm. The Hold Steady are widely considered one of the best live bands around today, so if you want to get your grubby little mitts on these tickets, just leave a comment below with your favorite Hold Steady song along with a way to contact you.

Three winners will be chosen at random by this Friday.

If you don’t win, you can still buy tickets here.

New Video : Work Drugs : Swimmer Girl

Based on the long faces on all the kidlets at the mall, summer must almost be over. But buck up buttercup! I’m sure we still have enough time left on the clock to squeeze in one more meaningless fling, a sunburn and several spins of the latest from Work Drugs, Swimmer Girl.

Oh, and if you’re looking to experience a quick flashback to those awkward pubescent years, check out the NSFW alternate version of Swimmer Girl here.

Finally, the band is hosting another little remix contest for their single, Third Wave. Get details here.

[Win This!] + Listening Party : The Vaccines : What Did You Except From The Vaccines?

We would never be so brash as to claim we discovered The Vaccines, but they’ve been on our radar for a while. Looks like these guys are on the fast track to real big, real fast, and with What Did You Except From The Vaccines? set to drop May 31st, I’d be sweatin’ it if I were a member of tourmates, Arctic Monkeys.

The early snippets of the band’s debut have been encouraging, and Post Break-up Sex is one of the best tunes I’ve heard all year, but just in case you’re not sure whether you’re prepared to lay out some hard-earned on What Did You Except From The Vaccines?, MOKB has decided to make it easier on you by letting you test drive the entire album before you make any commitment. When you’re ready, iTunes is waiting.

[MOKB-The Vaccines What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? Giveaway] : MOKB has scored three signed copies of What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? on vinyl, and one can be yours. Here’s all you need to do. The Vaccines are getting a lot of press, but we’ve seen many band’s receive similar hype and then fall on their collective ass. So, for a chance to win, name a recent band that has lived up to, or exceeded, their hype. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random at the end of next week.

Complete rules and assorted legalese after the jump…

Tonight In Indy : The Kemps + Dreamers Of The Ghetto + The Pass at The White Rabbit

Up-and-coming Indianapolis garage/psych-rock band The Kemps will headline a fantastic lineup tonight at The White Rabbit Cabaret. The Kemps recently signed to Glory Hole Records, and released a Record Store Day split-7″ with Vacation Club. This might be your last chance to catch them before their record release in late July!

STREAM : The Kemps – Graveyard Kitten

Bloomington’s Dreamers Of The Ghetto, newly signed to Temporary Residence Records, will also perform tonight. The band’s 2011 album, which was released, unmastered, on Bandcamp earlier this year, will see a proper release this summer through their new Brooklyn-based label.

MP3 : Dreamers Of The Ghetto – Tether (live on Laundromatinee.com)
MP3 : Dreamers Of The Ghetto – Phone Call

The Pass, a dreamy, electro-pop-rock outfit from my hometown of Louisville, KY will open the show and will provide just the proper amount of dance and shake to let you know real early that this will be a great night!

MOKB Exclusive Video + [Win This!] : Maggie Björklund : Intertwined (featuring Mark Lanegan)

After spending more than her fair share of time waiting in the wings and propping up her famous friends, singer/pedal steel guitarist Maggie Björklund is stepping into the spotlight on her debut solo outing, Coming Home. And go figure, this deliciously intimate folk record finds many of those famous friends dropping by to return the favor, including Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, Jon Auer of the Posies and John Convertino of Calexico.

MOKB is pleased as can be to be premiering a live performance video of Intertwined, a poignant waltz which prominently features, not only Björklund’s prodigious pedal steel chops, but also the patinaed pipes of MOKB fave, Mark Lanegan.

[WIN THIS!] A copy of Coming Home! Perhaps you missed it on your calendar, but it’s Maggie Björklund Video Roll Contest Week. Beginning this past Monday, five music blogs formed an unlikely and unholy alliance, the sole purpose of which is to make Maggie Björklund your new favorite pedal steel virtuoso. Each day, one of these sites premiered (or will premiere) a hi-def, live performance of a new song from Coming Home. If you want to be eligible to win, simply re-post, Like, or comment on any of the the videos—via Facebook, Twitter, or on the hosting site itself.

Maggie Björklund with Mark Lanegan – Intertwined from Andy Smith on Vimeo.

Word on the street as that tomorrow’s video will be found over at Blurt, but of course, you can’t believe everything you read.

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MOKB Presents… Neon Indian + Oberhofer + [Win This!] Neon Indian Tickets & Mile 44 Gigposter

We’ve recently added Oberhofer to the upcoming Neon Indian show at Radio Radio!

Our friends at Mile44.com have also designed this super fun, signed and numbered screenprinted poster for the show.

We’re giving three of these great prints aways, PLUS, one lucky winner will get two tickets to the show! To get registered to win, you can do one of three things, like My Old Kentucky Blog Presents on Facebook, follow MOKB Presents on Twitter, or sign up for our email list. Do one of those three things and then tell us in the comments. If you’ve already done all three, just leave a comment. Three winners will be chosen at random next week.

MP3 : Oberhofer – Away Frm U
MP3 : Oberhofer – Petz

Neon Indian on Laundromatinee.com:

[Win this!]: Two tickets to Parallels/Morning Teleportation in Minneapolis

[image title=”parallelsMAIN” size=”full” id=”18307″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

It’s mid-April, 2011. By now, you’re probably a bit tired of hearing about new bands with any or all of the descriptors “synth-pop,” “dark, dance-pop” or “darkwave” or “pop music that hipsters can get down on, too.” But save that fatigue for another day and check out Parallels, a duo from Toronto that might as well have been releasing music two and a half decades ago — that straight ahead dance beat, the vibrating synths and and the nightmare-twinkling piano laid on top are New Order or Depeche Mode through and through.

Doesn’t hurt that drummer Cameron Findlay has a history with Crystal Castles — Parallels, with singer Holly Dodson, packs a similarly creepy jolt.

Parallels is re-releasing last year’s “Visionaries,” and they’ll hit 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis this Saturday with the certifiably and awesomely insane Morning Teleportation. Give us your email in the comments below, and you’re entered to win a pair of tickets to the show!

Parallels – Dry Blood (Official Video) from Parallels on Vimeo.