Escaping The “Party” With Matt Myers Of Houndmouth

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Friday of Forecastle weekend, My Old Kentucky Blog made a pit stop on the way to Waterfront Park to catch up with Matt Myers of Houndmouth.

It only seemed right to kick off the festival weekend at Jimmy Can’t Dance, a small jazz club and bar in downtown Louisville, for Houndmouth’s album listening party. With a jam-packed weekend ahead of them, the New Albany, Indiana natives still managed to surprise fans with an exclusive listening party and opportune facetime with the band.

Slated for an August 3 release, the new album Golden Age spun on the house turntable while fans, friends, family and tourmates gathered for a hear-it-first listen and Houndmouth-inspired cocktails. The event also had a celebratory feel, as the band was finally close to home after multiple 2-3 week tours all a part of the album promotion cycle.

Depending on personal preference, concept albums can be hit or miss. I personally am fond of them, as they force you to listen to an album in its entirety to get “the big picture.” Each song can be considered a piece of glass that makes up a colorful mosaic or a chapter in a book that tells your favorite story. And they sound best when spun on your Dad’s old Pioneer turntable or blasted from your car windows on a long drive.

Working with producers Jonathan Rado of Foxygen and Shawn Everett, past credits including Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color and The War On Drugs’ A Deeper Understanding, it’s no surprise Houndmouth’s Golden Age went from a planned few week recording process to an unexpected eight month creative venture. You simply work with producers like Rado and Everett to do the undone and push boundaries. And the Golden Age concept that was born is unique in its own right.

Towards the end of the shindig, guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Myers and I escaped the party in true Houndmouth fashion to talk hometown shows, the new album and weird party stories you can’t seem to forget–no matter how hard you try.

Interview conducted by Natalie Glidewell after the jump… (more…)

Today’s MOKB on SIRIUS XMU Blog Radio Playlist : 7/24/18

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Tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT, My Old Kentucky Blog on SIRIUS XMU’s Blog Radio! Here’s the playlist!

Slow Hollows – Selling Flowers
Wild Nothing – Partners In Motion
Abbi Press – Deep Breath
Superorganism – Night Time (Danny L Harle remix)
Allie X – Not So Bad In L.A.
Charli XCX – No Angel
The Internet – Look What U Started
Ead Woods & The Heights – Ignored
Amber Arcades – Alpine Town
Your Smith – The Spot
Brockhampton – 1998 Truman
Valiant Vermin – Chips & Dip
Tee Vee – Dreaming
Channel Tres – Jet Black
Father ft. ABRA – Lotto
Mk.gee – Priorities
Spissy – Good For Me
Parquet Courts – Wide Awake
JEFF The Brotherhood – Parachute
Ty Segall & White Fence – Body Behavior
Sam Evian – Unknown Legend (Neil Young cover – Aquarium Drunkard session)
Michael Nau – On Ice
Sales – Rainy Day Loop
Lala Lala – Destroyer
DENA ft. Sean Nicholas Savage – So Wrong
Soft Streak – Ride
Jenny Penkin – Born Last Night
Madeline Kenney – Cut Me Off
Shormey – Cruise!

Iron & Wine releases new EP // First single: What Hurts Worse

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Well, here is something new (literally and a bit sarcastically): The first single, “What Hurts Worse“, from Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)’s new EP, is a beautifully lush, full-bodied, piece of finger-picking folk-pop excellence. Surprise on the EP and no surprise at all on the single’s greatness, is all I mean. The EP is called Weed Garden, and it will be released through Subpop on 8/31, but these aren’t the leftover weeds from last year’s Beast Epic, these are songs that Beam simply didn’t have time to finish as he was putting last year’s album together.

Pre-order Weed Garden here.

Rayland Baxter // New Album + Hi-Fi Indy Show

In the Fall of 2016, demoing his latest album, Wide Awake, Rayland Baxter isolated himself, for three months, in an old rubber factory in rural Kentucky, with little more than a mattress, a guitar, and a Wurlitzer. The fruit of this odd behavior was released last week through ATO Records. It’s a collection of catchy songs, full of pop hooks, and Beatles-esque melodies.

On the new album, Baxter recently told Rolling Stone magazine:

“I like telling stories, and beautifully told stories as well. To captivate another human is a really cool thing to do. I want to be captivating, always, and to be captivated. I’ve just been getting better at it, because I feel like I should be a songwriter and a singer. It’s the thing I’m best at in life at the moment, it’s the thing I’m getting better at the most. It’s an evolution.”

Baxter will play The Hi-Fi in Indianapolis on August 1st.

Rayland Baxter – Strange American Dream

Rayland Baxter – Casanova

Rayland Baxter – 79 Shiny Revolvers

Black Milk Talks Fever, Detroit and More Ahead of a Headline HI-FI Performance

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Do317 and My Old Kentucky Blog sat down with Curtis Eugene Cross, better known as “Black Milk,” ahead of his headline performance at HI-FI Indy in Fountain Square. We talked about the rapper, songwriter and producer’s current tour, new album and his musical influences. Check out the interview below:

Do317: How has the tour been going?

Black Milk: It’s been great man, ‘cuz I’ve known these guys for 10 years. We’ve been touring together off and on the whole time, so it’s great to work with people that you feel chemistry with over the years and we all speak the same language musically. So, it’s great because of that.

Do317: If I’m not mistaken on Fever (new album) you worked with 3 of the biggest drummers on the planet – Questlove, Chris Daddy Day and Daru on the album – how were they different in style, the way they worked, so on and so forth; what did they each bring to the table?

Black Milk: Chris Daddy, he played percussion on two tracks off our latest: ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ and ‘Drown.’ Daru, he played drums on ‘True Lies,’ played a little bit of drums on a song called ‘2 Would Try,’ and he played on the intro. Whatever the name of the first song is, I can’t think of it right now. Oh yeah, ‘unVEeil.’ And Questlove, no, he didn’t play anything for the album.

You build relationships over a period of time. I’ve known Daru for a long time, since like 2008, that was one of the first times I met him, so he’s played on some of my earlier stuff. I’ve been kicking with Chris a lot lately, for the last couple years since I moved to LA, you know, he lived out there as well. It’s just one of those things, having the right relationships and friendships, and when it’s time to work and if you need them to come play on some stuff, they come through. And if they need me to come through, I’ll play or do anything, whatever they’re working on I’ll return the favor.

Do317: How does Fever differ/compare to past releases and what was the thought process when you first started getting the inspiration for this album?

Black Milk: The initial thought process was to try to make like a feel-good album. Because compared to my previous albums, my last couple albums, were a little more dark or on the darker side. So, I wanted to make more bright sounds and colors and choral progressions, which I feel like I kind of did for the most part. What I’ve been saying in a lot of interviews, when I start making an album, during writing time, a lot of stuff is happening, the country has a lot of social issues from politics to stuff that’s happening in the world in general, and it kind of affected my writing process a little bit. To give somewhat of a perspective of how I feel about a lot of stuff that’s happening in this era. So, in the contrast of the lyrics being a little more heavy, but the production happy, more of a feel-good vibe to it. That’s how I thought it would feel, basically tie the records into living in the era, or living in the time where the temperature feels like it’s really high, where everybody feels like they’re on edge, just uptight about a lot of things that are going on right now.

Black Milk – Fever (Full album)

Do317: You’ve worked with such names as Jack White, Quest, Black Thought, Robert Glasper, Dwele so on and so forth. What do you learn as both a musician and a producer from people like that? How has it affected the way you work?

Black Milk: Oh man. More so, I’m humbled that they even want to do something with me because you look at all of those guys. It’s like anybody that’s a trained musician or has a knack in comprehension of music theory, that’s like so dope, that’s something I really don’t have. I, mean, I understand theory a little bit, but not on that level. You know, I wasn’t taught or didn’t go to school to have formal training or anything like that. When I get in the studio, I get a chance to work with people that are on that level, and like I said it’s an honor. I can be doing something from a hip-hop standpoint or a beat standpoint that they dig. Looking at them as like actual musicians, it’s just cool. That’s all I can really say. I’m jjust honored.

Do317: What were some of the most important things you learned from J. Dilla?

Black Milk: I did a few records with Dilla, off and on. He used to come around to the studio that I used to work at during the beginning stages of my production and career. It would have been great to sit down with him for one-on-one, but mostly everything I’ve learned about production and music in general has just been ears. It’s really just listening hard to what I like and what I love, and trying to figure out how to capture those feelings.

Do317: How did growing up in Detroit affect your music?

Black Milk: Being an artist and a musician, I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. I feel like I’m from a place that I feel has the richest music history in the world. When you grow up in that environment and tradition, you feel like you have that legacy, and that’s pretty exciting. You feel good to do something to hopefully be associated with someone great that came before you. So, yeah, I love that I’m from Detroit. I love that I’m from the scene, not only just for the hip-hop or the soul stuff, but there’s so much great music, from the electronic scene, to the rock scene, to all of that. Not only the hip-hop scene. It’s just dope, man. I take pride.

Do317: Put together your wish list of musicians you’d love to work with in the future.

Black Milk: Man… Who haven’t I worked with yet? It would be dope to work with a person like Cory Henry, he’s just a super dope musician. I really enjoy what he does. Sharkey [Isaiah Sharkey], crazy guitarist, he plays with D’Angelo’s band. MonoNeon would be another one, he’s an incredible bassist.

For more information on Black Milk, visit his website

Today’s MOKB on SIRIUS XMU Blog Radio Playlist : 7/16/18

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Tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT, My Old Kentucky Blog on SIRIUS XMU’s Blog Radio! Here’s the playlist!

Parquet Courts – Wide Awake
Alt-J ft. Pusha T – In Cold Blood (Twin Shadow remix)
Jungle. – Busy Earnin
Warpaint – Disco // Very
White Reaper – Middle Of America
Saintseneca – Ladder To The Sun
Mike Adams at His Honest Weight – I’m Worried
Ava Luna – Deli Run
Jaguar Dreams – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Billie Eilish – Hotline Bling (Drake cover)
Cat Power – Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
Lera Lynn – Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio cover)
Black Milk x BADBADNOTGOOD – Now or Never
Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night, Pt. 1
Outkast – Red Velvet
The Internet – La Di Da
The Knocks and Captain Cuts – House Party
Charli XCX – Focus
Say Lou Lou – Hard For A Man
jj – I Wish
Metavari ft. Daniel Weyandt – Witchhunt
Lunar Vacation – Daytime
Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You
DeVotchKa – Straight Shot
Tinashe – Like I Used To
George Clanton – Make It Forever
Das Body – Boys
Sobrenadar – Cruce
Spiritualized – A Perfect Miracle
Hinds – And I Will Send Your Flowers Back
Nikki Lane – Wild One

Today’s MOKB on SIRIUS XMU Blog Radio Playlist : 7/9/18

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Tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT, My Old Kentucky Blog on SIRIUS XMU’s Blog Radio! Here’s the playlist!

Moneyphone ft. Jonah Yano – On Lock
Charli XCX – No Angel
Allie X – Focus (analog version)
Austin White – 24 Hours
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – In A Black Out
White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
Léonie Pernet – African Melancholia
Tapes N Tapes – Insistor
Julien Chang – Somerville Demo
L I P S – Walls
George Clanton – Dumb
Inner Wave & Bane’s World – Whoa
Divorce Court – Indonesia
Margo Price – A Little Pain
Tyler Childers – Honky Tonk Flame
Cody Jinks – Hippies and Cowboys
Felicita ft. Caroline Polachek – Marzipan
Cellars – Reasons
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane – Dun
Avelino ft. Not3s – Boasy
Valiant Vermin – Online Lover
Rone ft. Noga Erez – Wave
Versing – Silver Dollar
Your Smith – The Spot
Mr. Twin Sister – Jaipur
SG Lewis & Clairo – Better
Cam MacLean – Jacob Always
Sebastian Roca – Honey
U.S. Underground – 545 NYC

Today’s MOKB on SIRIUS XMU Blog Radio Playlist : 7/2/18

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Tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT, My Old Kentucky Blog on SIRIUS XMU’s Blog Radio! Here’s the playlist!

Trevor Powers – XTQ Idol
Saintseneca – Frostbiter
Gia Margaret – Birthday
Phantastic Ferniture – Fuckin’ N Rollin’
Family Reunion – League
Anna Of The North – Lovers (Jim-E Stack remix)
Roosevelt – Under The Sun
Fog Lake – Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Sunday Moon – Eleven
Rome Fortune – Hoodrich Disco (prod. by Toro Y Moi)
MorMor – Waiting On The Warmth
Aly & AJ – Good Love
Amilli – Rarri
The Holydrug Couple – I’ll Only Say This
Ava Luna – Deli Run
Malena Zavala – A Vision That’s Changed
Miya Folick – Stock Image
Doug Tuttle – Twilight
Spiritualized – I’m Your Man
Sobs – Breakfast
Tomberlin – Seventeen
Sand – Destined Road
Dearly Somber – Hey Old Friend
Princess Chelsea – I Love My Boyfriend
Emma Ruth Rundle – Fever Dreams
Trevor Powers – Dicegame