Song : Tourist : “Holding On” (feat. Josef Salvet & Niia)

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We are still awaiting an announcement of the promised debut LP from London producer Tourist, but as long as he keep dropping great singles like this new song “Holding On”, we won’t have to wait too impatiently. It was premiered as the hottest record in the world on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 program and, as you can imagine at this point, has some pretty on-point production. To really bring it full-circle, he enlists Josef Salvet and Niia for vocals. Listen below.

Song : No Joy : “Everything New”

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It is always nice when Montreal’s No Joy are in the fold and we get just that with the announcement of their third LP titled More Faithful out via Mexican Summer on June 8th. According to the press release, the this album looking to “expose them a little bit more as people” by offering more “vulnerability’ in their song crafting. Production for the album was done by musician Jorge Elbrecht, who might be best known for his work with Ariel Pink with recording taking place Brooklyn studio Gary’s Electric and an old farmhouse in Costa Rica to get the band isolation from the outside world. Their first single from “Everything New” seems to support the recording process with its intimate qualities and overexposed day haze feel. Listen below.

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Song : TOKiMONSTA : “Nope”

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It is a fanfuckingtastic world we live in when artists randomly drop tracks for no reason whatsoever, but it keeps happening more and more. Los Angeles producer Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA just posted to her soundcloud a “random unreleased thing” titled “Nope” to say “happy almost Friday”. Quite honestly, we can’t think of a better reason for new music. Listen below.

Song : Elliot Moss : “Best Light”

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New York multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Elliot Moss is someone who is really starting to pique our interest as of late. First, he dropped the captivating “I Can’t Swim”, now he unveils the cold, emotive “Best Light” mixing subdued percussion and his feathery vocals. Both songs will appear on his upcoming debut LP, Highspeeds, out on April 28th via Grand Jury. Listen below.

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Song : Communions : “Out Of My World”

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The post-punk movement of the early ’80s has shown itself to be one of the more resilient eras in music. Every year, their seem to be new bands inflected by its dark-tinged charm. The latest band band showcasing this influence is Copenhagen four-piece Communions and their infectious, lovelorn new song “Out Of My World”. The song comes from their upcoming self-titled EP out on June 2nd on London-based label Tough Love. Listen below.

Video : Yumi Zouma : “Alena”

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Last week, we finally got to catch New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma for the first time, unfortunately we did not get to see them at their best to no fault of their own. Two hours prior to the show, the band caught a bad break when some asshole/s stole all of their gear (hit them up if you know anything. Despite this, the band remained the utmost professional and carried with a solid set using the instruments of Madrid band Hinds who played before them. The fact they tried to push through in less than ideal circumstances really gave us even more respect for them than we already had.

Today, the trio continues on in support of their latest great Cascine release, EP II, with the reveal of their new video for “Alena” directed by Allie Avital Tsypin. It depicts a group of men in sort of a support group resulting in a cathartic released by video’s end. Watch below.

 photo yumi3_zps66hzmrjp.jpg

Song : Hannah Cohen : “Baby”

 photo hannahcohen_zpsd455a60d.png

We’ve been listening quite a bit to the new album, Pleasure Boy (out March 31st via Bella Union), from NY-based chanteuse Hannah Cohen, but “Baby” was the one track we have been pining to share with the world from it. The song reverts back to the stripped vulnerability that she showcased on her fantastic Child Bride LP from a few years back. It is an absolute stunner that is sure to make the Lana Del Rey comparisons echo even louder. Listen below.

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