Clams Casino Announces New Album, Share Video for New Song “Blast”

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Clams Casino has announced what I guess you could technically call his debut album (he has mixtapes and and EP prior to his name) titled 32 Levels ready to drop on July 15th via Columbia Records. To commemorate the moment, he has also share a video for the heavenly first track “Blast.” The visuals for the track were done by Strandloop. There is no pre-order yet for the LP, but expect that very soon.

Anika-Fronted Exploded View Announce Debut Album, Share New Song “Orlando”

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After recently releasing a 7″ for the percussion heavy “No More Parties in the Attic,” Exploded View, the new project fronted by journalist-turned-singer Annika Henderson (aka Anika) have announced their self-titled debut full-length scheduled to drop on August 19th via Sacred Bones, whom they released the 7″ with. The album was recorded using single take recordings created with other members Martin Thulin (of Crocodiles), Hugo Quezada and Hector Melgarejo, while in Mexico City. Anika’s Nico-esque vocals feel nicely improvised over what plays out like a drawn out jam session flush with dark atmospherics.


School ’94 Announce New EP, Unveil New Song “Common Sense”

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While we continue to dig into their lead singer Alice Botéus’ recent solo album, Gotheburg, Sweden quartet School ’94 have announced the follow up 2014’s Like You EP with new one, Bound, slated to drop on June 8th through Luxury. The first sampling of the release is melodic, soaring “Common Sense” pulling in a distinct retro-flare without sacrificing present day sensibilities. If there is another John Green book set for a movie adaptation, this would be a nice addition to the soundtrack. You can pre-order the EP on limited edition vinyl via their Bandcamp.

New Radiohead Out Sunday, Watch Video for New Song “Daydreaming”

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It has been a pretty grand couple of weeks with high-profile releases from James Blake, Beyoncé, and Drake. Now, Radiohead have confirmed the release of the yet-to-be-named ninth LP digitally this Sunday with a physical following on June 17th via XL Recordings. Along with the info, they have shared another great track, titled “Daydreaming,” from it along with a visual directed by quite possibly our favorite filmmaker, Paul Thomas Anderson. The song and video follow “Burn the Witch” from earlier this week.

Stream Miserable’s Striking Debut Album Uncontrollable

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“It’s about the apology I deserved but never received. It’s about misunderstandings, frustration, lack of closure. At times I wanted to give up on writing this album. I felt sick, graceless. Finishing it seemed unattainable. I promised myself I would leave the past behind me once it was completed.” – Kristina Esfandiari aka Miserable

Uncontrollable, the beautiful and gut-wrenching debut LP, from Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman and Whirr under her solo moniker Miserable, as it currently stands, will go down high on our favorite albums of 2016. It is impossible to not respond and relate to the raw sadness and pain conveyed in the charring lyrics and disorienting guitar work that blurs from moments of chaos to uneasy stillness each song to the next. While immediate in its connection, the album plays out like a knife slowly being pushed deep into the center of your soul. According to Esfandiari in speaking to Spin, the album’s title and overall feel were a direct reflection of the lack of control she felt at the time of its creation. Out today, you can stream the album in full below and pick up the album through The Native Sound.

Stream New Album Home Alone from Portland-Based Jeff Haley

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Sometimes you have to look no further than the backing musicians from some of your favorite bands to discover new music. Thus is the case of Portland-based Jeff Haley, who is probably know most notably at the moment as the bass player for Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing project. Home Alone is his new album released today courtesy of Savannah, Georgia label Furious Hooves. Recorded in his basement, the LP captures precise, slightly hazy guitar-driven pop burning in a softer glow, yet similar vicinity to the previously mentioned Wild Nothing. While we have yet to be able to dig into it with repeat listens to offer a more detailed review, we are certain you will dig it as much as we have so far. Listen below.

Premiere: Stream New EP from Bloomington’s Daguerreotype

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As we have mentioned countless times as of late, Bloomington, IN is quickly becoming a hotbed for eclectic and varying musical experiences. Most notably, there have been a collection of friends and musicians intertwining within varying bands (many can be found here) with Drew Auscherman-fronted Hoops gaining the most attention to date.

Daguerreotype, however, may be just as compelling with the previously mentioned Auscherman handling drum duties this time around for roommate Jack Andrews (guitar, vocals) with the lineup rounded out by Tommy Muldowney (guitar, vocals) and Ty Maguiness (bass). Following their hazy first tape, we unveil their self-titled volume 2 EP available soon on cassette courtesy of Circuit Public Broadcasting. While it is hard not to see the commonality in sound and texture between the projects, Daguerreotype tends to bring more 1980’s new wave romanticism in fold. Regardless, if you like one, we suggest you to give the other a listen.