Song : DOKO : “Body Drop”

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After searching high and low over the internet, we really have not been able to get any real info on the background of UK producer DOKO. Although, we have figured out that he/she has what we believe is a debut EP, Popcorn, coming out on December 22nd via UK label Flamebait. Over the last few weeks, he/she has been revealing one future electro-pop gem after another. We assume these are what make up his/her EP. The overall sound will be digestible to fans of the PC Music camp and Sophie. Our favorite of the bundle is his latest grinder of a song and cheerleader vocals “Body Drop”, but you can stream all of the project’s output to date below or at Soundcloud.

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Stream : Dirt Dress : ‘Revelations’ EP

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Revelations, the new EP from LA band Dirt Dress was one of those we glossed over at the time of its release last month, but found its way back into conscience recently receiving lots of spins. You hear reference points of Joy Division/New Order (tell me you don’t hear a little bit of “Ceremony” at the opening of “Skin Diving”) and even a little David Byrne-like vocal delivery in the title track and our favorite song of the EP. While it is only four-songs, they all bring something different, yet similar to the fold creating an enjoyable listen that with cohesion. Stream it below and pick it up here.

Stream : Raye : ‘Welcome To The Winter’ EP

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The overall quality of music released in 2014 may not go down as one of the stronger years, but there is no question the music that did resonate was very much dominated by those of the female persuasion. South London’s Rachel Keen aka Raye was one that showed tremendous promise. Today, she is streaming her debut EP, Welcome To The Winter, for your listening pleasure. The vocals all the way down to the production are on point. The true tell of whether she ends up standing out of the crowd of women doing pop/r&b will be whether she can create a unique visual aesthetic around her obvious talent. Regardless of that, she is still someone to continue to keep tabs on. Stream the EP below and download for the price of your email here.

Stream : School ‘94 : ‘Like You’ EP

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Tomorrow will mark the release of the fantastic new EP, Like You, from Gothenburg four-piece School ‘94 (formerly School) via Cascine/Luxury. We presented you with the title track a couple of weeks back and now have a stream of the entire fantastic EP. The release is a romanticized retrace of many movements that were bubbling up underground from the late ’70s punk/new wave all the way up to early ’90s alternative and everything in between. There really is nothing not to like about this release. Our only complaint is that is not available on vinyl. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. Listen below.

MOKB Premiere : The Ocean Party : ‘Soft Focus’ LP

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Today marks the release of Soft Focus, the fourth album from Melbourne-based The Ocean Party in the last couple of years and, arguably, their most accomplished to date. The LP consists of eleven guitar-centric tracks tinged in warm melodies as expansive as the Pacific Ocean that separates their home country and the California vibes they give off. The album doesn’t scream for you attention, but plays as that attractive girl in the corner who does not realize how pretty she really is slowly offering more and more as you get to know her.

If you use Real Estate as a contemporary reference, you won’t be too far off. You may even hear hints of Billy Corgan in the vocals referencing some of the more subdued songs in Smashing Pumpkins catalog. I know, Real Estate and Smashing Pumpkins. Sounds weird. However, you don’t take have to take our word for it. Find a stream of the album below and then head over to Spunk Records to purchase it. We are certain this will wrap itself around you like it did us.

Video : Andy D : “Paint It Gold”

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Our favorite party-in-a-pair-of-Zubaz, Andy D, returns with a new video for his last single from his 2013 release WarCries. Andy D gets tropical and romantic with his latest love song, Paint It Gold. Like most Andy D videos, this latest vid features Andy, Anna Vision and Kelly Clarkson (the rabbit), and as Andy describes it, “was shot in the post-apocalyptic future of your wet dreams.” Direction and animation was done by Zachary Gibson, and it was produced by BagFry Productions.

In other exciting news, we’re happy to announce the upcoming release of Andy D’s new record, the duo’s 4th, entitled Ready, Set, Bleed! The album’s first single will be available before the end of the year, entitled Teddy Roosevelt Part 1. This new album is not a concept album, versus their previous offerings, but it does have themes and motifs that move throughout it. Ready, Set, Bleed! is actually a seven song mega-EP. The album will come out early next year on Aerobic International, a label run by the project Yip Deceiver, two former members of Of Montreal, who make amazing electro pop, and these guys also make appearances on the new album. Check out the album art below….

 photo andyd-readysetbleed-sm_zpsf8ab9069.jpg

Stream : Orchid Mantis : Hessdalen Light LP

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Atlanta’s Thomas Howard, known under the moniker Orchid Mantis, was last on discussed by us earlier this year with his Some Songs EP. Howard creates a really intimate brand of bedroom/dream pop using a 4-track that has subsequently broken recently. His latest output, the Hessdalen Light LP, is something truly special made for this time of year when many people find themselves spending more time indoors.

Howard says the album is “about seeing people that aren’t there, loss, cartoons, secrets, drifting apart, escapism, hypersomnia, japanese literature & film, tornadoes, letting go, dark blue fogs, old poetry, and planetary imagery.” As you can see there is a little bit for everyone in this fantastic release. Our only complaint is that we can get it on vinyl. Stream it below.