Listen to New Song “Go!” from Postiljonen

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Swedish trio Postiljonen plead for you to push forward, no matter what lies in your way, in new single “Go!” out now courtesy of Hybris/Best Fit Recordings and available for download here. This is a change of pace for a project more known for wistful vibes and reflection with much of their previous material. Get motivated below.

Listen to New Song “The Dreamer” from Anna of the North

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Anna of the North came to us early last year with dreamy song “Sway”. She followed it up with demo “Since You Got On”, then finishing off 2014 with “Oslo”. We were expecting this year to be a big one, but she remained mostly silent until now. “The Dreamer” is her new song scheduled to be released as a single on Nobember 20th via Different Recordings/Honeymoon/Hub. With it, there is an sparkling beauty that seems to come natural from anyone hailing from the Scandinavia region. Hopefully, it is the first sign of a proper album in the works. Listen below.

Premiere: Stream New Song “To Make It True” from Daniel Martin Moore’s New LP

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“I feel that ‘To Make It True’ is the heart of the record. When we were leafing through the pages of songs that would come to comprise this LP, it’s the song around which all the others fell into orbit – if a song didn’t meld with ‘To Make It True,’ it was left by the wayside. I wrote it back in 2007, during the sessions for my first album, Stray Age, and it makes me happy that it finally has a recorded home.” – Daniel Martin Moore

There are very few artists in music at the moment that come forth with the sincerity behind them than Elizabethtown, KY singer/songwriter Daniel Martin Moore. His latest EP, Golden Age, set for release on October 9th via Sofaburn Records might end up being his finest to date. Produced by My Morning Jacket’s and fellow Kentucky native Jim James, the album enlists was not a singular effort with Moore enlisting the assistance of keyboardist Dan Dorff, Jr., Dave Givan on percussion, Alana Rocklin and Zak Appleby (Houndmouth) handling bass, along with Charlie Patton’s cello and Scott Moore’s violin. Another favorite of ours Joan Shelley (we highly recommend her new album Over and Over) brought along her elegant vocal work. All these players result in what James calls “a flower tucked back in the tall grass.”

Yesterday, Moore unveiled a behind the scenes video featuring the very Nick Drake-esque and appropriate autumn number “How It Fades.” Today, we are fortunate to premiere another fragile track from the album called “To Make It True” which plays out as a plea to do better for that significant other, friend, or loved one. If you play this song for that someone you wronged and they don’t immediately turn around and forgive you, then you must have really messed up. Regardless, this is a song that demand and surely will get repeat listens. Find it below.

Premiere: Stream Breakfast’s Amulet EP

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For a majority of 2015, LA four-piece Breakfast have been revealing song after song based off various fictional characters you may encounter on any given day accompanied by synchronized visual artwork and videos. The music itself for each song is beautifully crafted pop tunes highlighted by hooky synth work and Andrea Adolph’s soft vocals. Today, they are ready to each song to date as an EP collection titled Amulet and, just like the visuals, each track flows seamlessly to the next presenting a cohesive them thematically and sonically. All signs point to this being giant step forward towards a promising future for a band truly coming into their own.

Premiere: Listen to “Dance (Get Off Your Ass)” from Queen of Jeans

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Queen of Jeans is a new threesome comprised of Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass, and Nina Scotto hailing from Philadelphia, PA or as they facetiously put it, “real Topeka people who make real Topeka music from Philadelphia, PA” in a nod to classic movie Almost Famous. The specialize is retro, indie rock indebted in the girl groups of the ’50s and ’60s. The first song we have from them is the harmonious soft-garage tune “Dance (Get Off Your Ass)” delivered with just enough slightly unpolished sheen. It is a strong introduction to a band we expect to hear more from.

Daughter Announce New Album, Share New Song “Doing The Right Thing”

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After what seems like too long, North London trio Daughter have announced the follow-up to 2013’s fantastic If You Leave. Titled Not To Disappear and out on January 14th via 4AD, it was recorded with producer Nicolas Vernhes at his Rare Book Room studio in Brooklyn. In addition to the album, the band has hooked up with directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard to create a three short-films as an accompaniment. They will be based on the work of author Stuart Evers and his short stories Work, 5,040, Dress. The video for new song “Doing The Right Thing” below is pulled from the latter.

Listen to New Song “Silent Rain” from Keep Shelly in Athens

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We are a little over two weeks away from the new incarnation of Keep Shelly in Athens and their new LP, Now I’m Ready, courtesy of Friends of Friends on October 16th. To continue the momentum towards that date, they have revealed an urgent, moody new track “Silent Rain”. Not sure if it is just us, but we keep imagining the song over a montage of scenes from Flash Dance. Listen below.

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