Stream Miserable’s Striking Debut Album Uncontrollable

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“It’s about the apology I deserved but never received. It’s about misunderstandings, frustration, lack of closure. At times I wanted to give up on writing this album. I felt sick, graceless. Finishing it seemed unattainable. I promised myself I would leave the past behind me once it was completed.” – Kristina Esfandiari aka Miserable

Uncontrollable, the beautiful and gut-wrenching debut LP, from Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman and Whirr under her solo moniker Miserable, as it currently stands, will go down high on our favorite albums of 2016. It is impossible to not respond and relate to the raw sadness and pain conveyed in the charring lyrics and disorienting guitar work that blurs from moments of chaos to uneasy stillness each song to the next. While immediate in its connection, the album plays out like a knife slowly being pushed deep into the center of your soul. According to Esfandiari in speaking to Spin, the album’s title and overall feel were a direct reflection of the lack of control she felt at the time of its creation. Out today, you can stream the album in full below and pick up the album through The Native Sound.

Sally Shapiro Share Final Song “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind”

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Often mistaken as a singular project, Sweden’s Sally Shapiro, the partnership of Johan Agebjörn and an anonymous singer who took on the project’s namesake, have recently shared new song “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind.” The song will serves as the duo’s final song to be released on May 12th via Fika with it also appearing on an upcoming compilation of Sally Shapiro songs from Paper Bag Records. Instead of being the fault of in-fighting, this dissolution is more the result of “musical tastes don’t overlap that much anymore” according to the band. Listen below.

Stream New Album Home Alone from Portland-Based Jeff Haley

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Sometimes you have to look no further than the backing musicians from some of your favorite bands to discover new music. Thus is the case of Portland-based Jeff Haley, who is probably know most notably at the moment as the bass player for Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing project. Home Alone is his new album released today courtesy of Savannah, Georgia label Furious Hooves. Recorded in his basement, the LP captures precise, slightly hazy guitar-driven pop burning in a softer glow, yet similar vicinity to the previously mentioned Wild Nothing. While we have yet to be able to dig into it with repeat listens to offer a more detailed review, we are certain you will dig it as much as we have so far. Listen below.

Laura Groves Covers Cleaners From Venus’ “Gamma Ray Blue” for New Compilation

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Extraordinary Renditions is a new covers compilation from UK label DEEK Recordings out on May 27th. The opening track of the album is a lacquered reinterpretation of Cleaners From Venus’ excellent under-the-radar gem “Gamma Ray Blue” from their 1985 cassette only (at the time) LP, Songs For A Fallow Land by London songstress Laura Groves. Groves can’t help but smooth out the rough edges of the original with her angelic voice.

In addition to this cover, the eclectic collection includes reworks of songs from D’Angelo, Captain Beefheart, Sade, Daniel Johnston and more from the likes of Bullion, Geller (aka Georgia), Nautic, Raisa Khan of Micachu & The Shapes to name a few. Listen below and also check out a recently revealed video from David Dean Burkhart for Grove’s track “Friday” off her great EP, Committed Language, from last year.

Children of Pop Shares Video for “Jealous Lover”

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Houston-based Chad DeMaster, aka Children of Pop, has his new album, What Does 69 Mean?, coming out on May 6th via his The Orchard / French Kiss imprint #veryjazzed. Everthing from writing to producing to mixing was done in the comfortable confines of DeMaster’s house. “Jealous Lover” is the third song revealed from the LP and it is a lush, meditative dance groove bringing acid-house and vaporwave deeper in the traditional pop realm.


Local Natives Return with New Song “Past Lives”

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Local Natives are expected to release a new album sometime this year going by the name of Past Lives. It appears we are inching closer to that release with the unveiling of the title track for the album, a song they have been playing out live since last year. Spin the track below.

Premiere: Listen to High Highs’ “Catch the Wind” Remixed by Northeast Kingdom

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“Our friends Cameo Culture and Slow Hands have a new project called North East Kingdom. They jammed out over the The Catch The Wind acapella and came up with this little gem.” – High Highs

Now based firmly in Brooklyn, Sydney, Australia natives High Highs really seem to have settled in with their sophomore LP, Cascades, released back in February of this year further complimenting their gorgeous harmonies with a more accessible pop sound. One of the highlights from the solid album from start to finish is the somber, yet soaring “Catch the Wind.” Instead of making the sound larger, Northeast Kingdom, a new project of Cameo Culture and Slow Hands, stripped it down creating almost a fireside folk track over gorgeous guitar and banjo work in their interpretation. The lovely results can be found below.