Song : The Parrots : “To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here”

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Spanish trio The Parrots announced their new EP, Weed For The Parrots, along with great listen “I’m Not Alone” at the beginning of the month. According to member Diego Garcia, the release, out in June through Luv Luv Luv Records, was inspired by a time “when alcohol and weed were present in my life every day in huge quantities.” Their latest reveal from the EP and long-titled “To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here” takes the drug theme further with it sounding like day after a huge binge, although according to them the song “is about rejecting the preconceptions we have and embracing the life you want for yourself.” Regardless of the theme, the song will resonate for fans of Black Lips’ more gritty material. Listen below.

Video : IDYLL : “Bad Boi”

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Utilizing cold, seductive production, Chicago duo IDYLL, comprised of Angelina Lucero and Jojo Yang, have all of the necessary elements to rise above simple buzz status. Recently, they signed to Friends of Friends and will be releasing their debut EP, One, on June 16th. Coinciding with the announcement, they have unveiled a digitally animated video for the excellent “Bad Boi” by Zero Ghul. According to Ghul, the clip visualizes and “explores the complex themes of the human grotesque through a science fiction neo-noir lens.” Watch below.

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Song : Tei Shi : “Go Slow” (Blue Hawaii Remix)

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Valerie Teicher, known as Tei Shi, is currently touring Europe in support of her recently released and highly recommended Verde EP (purchase here). Montreal’s Blue Hawaii has given one of the EP highlights “Go Slow” a reworking. Their interpretation give the song more of a meditative, ambient feel, but still worth your attention. Listen below and find the original here.

Video Session : The Apache Relay : Live at The Hi-Fi

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On the cover of The Apache Relay’s 2014 eponymous album, a man sits poolside, calmly strumming an acoustic guitar while another man appears mid-plunge about ten feet from the pool’s undisturbed surface. It’s a wonderful contradiction of active and passive and arguably one of the year’s best album covers. The album itself more or less embodies that image; lyrics of longing brood alone in the background while up-tempo, pop-minded folk music captures your attention as it falls feet first into a pool from an unsafe height. The Apache Relay’s high-energy folk-rock has done them well over the past six years, taking them from a college dorm room to a bill with Mumford and Sons, but in this session at Indianapolis’ Hi-Fi, we get to spend a little more time looking at the man sitting in background with his acoustic guitar.

Though the band has three albums in its catalog, all three songs in this session come from the aforementioned self-titled release. The album’s opener “Katie Queen of Tennessee” loses the strings and 1950’s drumbeat found on the recording but gains an acoustic guitar lead as well as a tenderness born of the speaker’s pleas for love while fleeing from the law. (Did I mention these guys were from Nashville? I feel like there are few themes that evoke the Nashville spirit more than looking for love amidst a run in with the cops.) Similarly, “Ruby” and “Don’t Leave Me,” bereft of their percussion and production, become far more earnest and melancholic as the speaker laments the complicated love that appears to be slipping from his fingers. Equally rewarding is the revelation that these guys can sing and harmonize very well.

It’s not always interesting when a band switches from a full, electric set to an acoustic one, but The Apache Relay finds a way to keep their songs fresh in the differing contexts. Their versatility will undoubtedly serve them well as they continue to grow as a group. Be sure to keep an eye on them for future recordings.

Filmed and edited by Doug Fellegy and Nicole Conflenti
Recorded and Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Written by Gerard Pannekoek

Premiere : Kevin Krauter : “Nightly”

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Joining the ranks of the Secretly Canadian family of labels, Joyful Noise, and Jurassic Pop, Winspear Records is a new music label based out of Indiana putting out some great music. Next week on May 19th, they will be releasing the debut EP, Magnolia, from 20 year-old Indianapolis native Kevin Krauter. The collection of six songs are as confident as they are majestic. You get a bit of Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste in the vocals gliding over ’60s and ’70s-indebted folk instrumentation ideal for reflection. Today, we are ecstatic to share the rolling “Nightly” that we can’t help but hear a little hint Simon & Garfunkel influence woven throughout. Listen below.

Video : Leon Bridges : “Better Man”

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The pride of Fort Worth, TX Leon Bridges has his highly anticipated debut LP, Coming Home, out on June 23rd via Columbia Records. Today, he has unveiled a new video his great track “Better Man” from it. The visual has a throwback black and white Ed Sullivan feel to it. Watch below.

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Song : Bouquet : “Stack On Stacks” (Glasser Remix)

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LA’s Bouquet recently released their very good In A Dream EP (purchase here). One of the tracks that really got us excited with woozy, surreal “Stack On Stacks”. Today, they have shared a reworking of the song by Cameron Mesirow, better known as Glasser, dubbed a “new romantic mix”. His version pulls the song from the pillowy clouds and brings it down to the corners and back hallways of a dimly lit club. Stream below.

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