Song : Alex Calder : “Strange Dreams”

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Edmonton, Canada and sometimes Mac DeMarco collaborator Alex Calder is striking out on his own once more with the announcement of sophomore LP, Strange Dreams, to be released on January 20th via Captured Tracks. The first reveal from it is the title track soaked is all sort of grungey, textured guitar work that hold an underlying gleam that is stimulating and accessible. Stream below.

Today’s MOKB on SIRIUS XMU Blog Radio Playlist : 10/14/14

Here’s the playlist from today’s My Old Kentucky Blog Radio on SIRIUS XMU, Channel 35!

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Ages and Ages – Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
AlunaGeorge – Supernatural
Oracle Room – The Knot
HAERTS – Hemiplegia
Bass Drum Of Death – Electric
Beacon – Fault Lines
The Black Ryder – Santaria
Wayward – Belize
Childhood – Blue Velvet
Clare Maguire – Boomerang
Angelo De Augustine – How Past Begins
Alex G – Hollow
High Highs – Ocean To City
Holly Waxwing – Chalant
Buscabulla – Temporal
Kleerup (ft. Niki & The Dove) – Rock U
Liv – Come A Little Closer
Run The Jewels (ft. Zach De Le Rocha) – Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)
QT – Hey QT (Blackbird Blackbird remix)
Poom – Sous L’Orage
Jessie Ware – Pieces
Les Sins (ft. Nate Salman) – Why
ET Anderson – It Don’t Even
Dream Beach – Missing Peace
Father – Look At Wrist (The Cool Kids remix)
Tei-Shi – Bassically
Yumi Zouma – Alena
Beat Connection – Another Go Round

Song : Shura : “Indecision”

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We are not sure if 23-year-old Londoner Aleksandra Denton, aka Shura, is capable of making a bad song at this point. She has just dropped a slinky soft pop jam “Indecision” to go along with the previously released and fantastic “Touch” and “Just Once”. There is a certain fragility in all of her songs and this one is illuminated with a little ’80s sheen in the production. Listen below.

Song : Vaults : “Vultures”

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Coming to our attention a little over a year ago with the song “Cry No More”, London trio Vaults has slowly been building their profile with each new song they reveal. Their latest song “Vultures” is actually the proper version of a song we actually heard previously live during a performance from Maida Vale for Rob da Bank on Radio 1. Just like previous output, it is precisely crafted pop-tune with full intention to connect to the masses. According to the band, it was the first song they created together and is the title track to an upcoming new EP. Stream below.

MOKB Video Premiere : Glycerine Queens : “Sleep Deprivation”

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Asbury Park, NJ’s Glycerine Queens really dug deep into our ears with their fantastic Nicole Atkins-produced Sleep Deprivation EP expertly blending elements of surf, punk, and psychedelic rock. While the collection of songs is great from start to finish, the EP title track found itself being played a little more than the others. In the DIY video for the song, you get to see the distinguishing personalities of members Cynthia Rittenbach, Kayla Smith, Kayla Cervone, Jen Amoscato whether it is yoga, sipping on coffee, skateboarding, or chilling by the pool. Think of it as a visual introduction to the band and another excuse for us to tell you to check out a band that we expect to hear more about moving forward. Find the video along with an acoustic version of the song below.

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Song : Holly Waxwing : “Chalant”

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Cascine sub-label CSCN is streaming another winner from Birmingham, AL’s Garrett Crosby, aka Holly Waxwing. Titled “Chalant”, the song is a progression from his 2013 LP, Goldleaf Acrobatics, released. The song gently welcomes you in subtly bouncing through your ears guided by pogoing rhythmic motions. New elements are meticulously welded together building with each beat creating a sort of contained excitement.

While songs such as this tend to hover around the fringes sonically and can be divisive in reception, you must fully appreciate that their existence pushes mainstream music forward preventing stagnation. Only when you do that can you fully appreciate the genius it takes to look beyond current trends and push music to places different and fresh. Listen below.

Video : Wampire : “Wizard Staff”

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Portland’s Wampire are currently out in full support, including a MOKB Presents stop in Indianapolis tonight, of their sophomore LP, Bazaar, released earlier this week via Polyvinyl. Today, they have shared a new visual for “Wizard Staff” directed by Robbie Augspurger. The pair play two cops searching for “the wizard who has haunted their dreams” according to member Eric Phipps. You can watch it below and purchase their new LP here.

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Montreal’s TOPS formal debut in 2012, Tender Opposites, introduced them to the world, but latest LP, Picture You Staring, showcases them as not just an up and coming act, but one that has already arrived. The lush, sometimes romantic arrangements spanning several decades and genres create a sparkling collection of songs that are as timeless as they are quintessentially current. The album is sure to finish high on many best of lists, including ours for 2014.

Tonight, MOKB is proud to be bringing the band in along with Wampire for what is sure to be one of the most enjoyable double headers this year. To coincide with the show, the band has presented us with the second edition of our artist-curated INFLNCD Mixtape series where they highlight music and other artists that have impacted their sound and general aesthetic. Selections include pianist/composer Bill Pursell and the title track of his 1963 album Our Winter Love, Japanese nu-jazz artist DJ Takmura’s “Harmonium”, and our personal favorite early ’80s Bangor Wales’ band Fay Ray and their song “Cold As Steel”, among so much more. The mixtape sets the perfect mood for the heavy overcast and rainy days that tend occur this time of year. Stream and download it below and purchase tickets for the show tonight here.


MOKB INFLNCD Mixtape #2 – TOPS by My Old Kentucky Blog on Mixcloud

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