Mixtape : Knxwledge : Hexual Sealings​ ​Pt.​ ​7

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Raised in central New Jersey and Philly, Los Angeles based beatsmith Glen Boothe aka Knxwledge aka Knx just released a new mixtape Hexual Sealings​ ​Pt.​ ​7. You can probably gather from the title the overall vibe of it. If you dig what you hear, we recommend checking out the crazy prolific artist’s Bandcamp for further exploration or grab his Anthology compilation from that year that takes some of the best of his works the past few years and puts it in a more precise form. Expect a more formal release from him later this year through his label Stones Throw. Listen below.

Video : Tensnake & Jacques Lu Cont : “Feel Of Love” (ft. Jamie Lidell)

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Tensnake has his latest Glow out now for your consumption. “Feel for Love” is featured on the album and is a collaboration with Jacques Lu Cont and vocalist Jamie Lidell. In the video for the song, directed by Remy Cayuela, you get a humorous visual of what exactly is going on within a male’s lower region while in the midst of a sexual interlude. It is a pretty entertaining watch and might be slightly NSFW depending on how liberal your work environment is. Check it out below.

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Song : Jessie Ware : “Share It All”

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Jessie Ware revealed the absolutely sublime title track to her new LP, Tough Love, out sometime later this year around a month ago. Today, she offered up the more subdued “Share It All” co-written by Romy Madley-Croft of The xx with production by Julio Bashmore. You really hear Madley-Croft’s influence on the song with the compartmentalize instrumentation. The song will appear in the already planned deluxe version of the album. Listen below.

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Song : Rustie : “Attak” (feat. Danny Brown)

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Glasgow’s Rustie has his new album The Green Language coming out on August 26th via Warp. We already heard the jarring banger “Raptor” and now we get another straight for the club song in the form of “Attak” with Danny Brown providing some versus to really bring the house down. If you turn this up too loud, you might blow your speakers. Stream below.

Song : Dralms : “Divisions Of Labour”

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“Divisions Of Labour” is the new song from Vancouver quartet Dralms off their debut 7″ available on September 2nd on Fat Possum. The project is led by Christopher Smith featuring collaborators Shaunn Thomas Watt, Will Kendrick, and Peter Carruthers. The song can only be describe as boiling with dark pain slowly building throughout the song that stops just short from a full on explosion. It mixes spacey electronics layered with brooding post-rock elements. Listen below.

Song : The Golden Filter : “Heady Filthy”

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New York duo The Golden Filter recently released a three volume collection called Unselected Works via London’s The Vinyl Factory (purchase here). As the title indicates, they are comprised of songs that did not fit onto their previous efforts. One of the songs is “Heady Filthy” which what we would imagine the time between night and right before the sun starts to break over the horizon would sound like. Dark with flickers of light. Listen below.

Song : Trance Farmers : “Lone Star”

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Trance Farmers is the project of Los Angeles resident Dayve Samek. The self-described chickenwire soul singer makes a mesmerizing blend of futuristic Americana psych. He released a Dixie Caps EP cassette earlier this year as a precursor to his full-length, Dixie Crystals, slated to drop on September 2nd through Leaving Records/Stones Throw. “Lone Star” is one of the songs from the LP and their is something absolutely gritty and compelling about it that has us pressing play over and over. Find it below along with the album trailer.

Song : Ballet School : “LUX”

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Berlin’s Ballet Schoolhave their debut LP, The Dew Lasts An Hour, on the way September 9th via Bella Union. We already heard “Cherish” and now they have offered up another song from it “LUX”. While it doesn’t have the punch of “Cherish”, “LUX” does offer up some pretty hypnotic production with singer Rosie Blair showing her soaring vocal capabilities. Listen below.

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