Song : Foxes in Fiction : “Ontario Gothic”

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How good is the new Foxes in Fiction album, Ontario Gothic, shaping up to be? The first sample from it was the outstanding “Shadow’s Song”, now we get another first-rate song from it in the form of the title track. For those just catching on, it is the project of the project of Orchid Tapes label head Warren Hildebrand and the album is centered around getting his life back on track after the death of his brother back in 2008. We are looking forward to more from this release. It is out on September 23rd. Listen below.

Video : Vaults : “Lifespan”

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It was easy to see that big things were on the horizon for London three-piece Vaults when we heard their debut single “Cry No More” at the tail end of last summer. So it really comes as no surprise when they recently announced their signing to the major label Virgin EMI with the release of their most recent and accomplished song to date “Lifespan”.

To go along with the song, they have now given a new ruminative video for it. It has a ghostly feel to it showing people from different walks of life in sort of video stills looking to be at a crossroads of their life to go along with the theme of the song. It is quite a beautiful watch to go along with the contemplative track that so eloquently states everybody’s equal standing in life with the line “the tide will turn for no one in the end”. Watch below.

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LOVELESS, the side project of High Highs Oli Chang has been creating some pretty amazing music over the last year. His latest output is a contemplative, sprawling track titled “ACME”. In the song, you hear elements of ambient, downtempo, and nu-disco. Just like the artwork for the song, you get a sense of floating above the clouds feeling an overwhelming sense of weightlessness. While not attached to any formal release, we are hoping that all of this output will lead to an EP or LP sometime in the near future. Listen below.

Video : Wunder Wunder : “Hail The Madman”

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L.A. via Melbourne producers Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant, aka Wunder Wunder, released their debut, Everything Infinite, a couple of weeks back. The album has given us two fantastic singles already in “Coastline” and, one of our favorites this year, “Midnight Hours”. It is a quintessential summer album to have this year.

If you need more enticing, however, you can check out their new video for “Hail The Madman”. The song has an Ariel Pink retro quirkiness to it with the video depicting a sort of Cloverfield angle where you see the destruction, but not the thing responsible for it. Watch below.

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Song : Lil Silva : “Don’t You Love” (ft. BANKS)

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Lil Silva has his new EP, Mabel, out on August 5th on True Panther/Good Years. We have already heard the fantastic title track from it, now we get his collaboration with one of the undeniable new stars of 2014, BANKS. “Don’t You Love” builds off a funky, almost bluesy guitar rift slowly morphing into a grimy funk meets R&B slow jam. It is smooth as hell and an excellent listen. Stream it below.


Song : Mother : “Centerfold”

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We think the Penn Badgely-led band Mother might have some legs to it. After two well-received singles “Victim” and “Easy”, they have offered up another song, “Centerfold” to sinke your teeth into. This one is brooding like the others, but has sort of a post-punk, dark-wave feel to it. Badgely’s vocals vibrate in a deep baritone to further sell the overall mood of the song. Listen below.

Stream : King avriel : ‘Thesis’ LP

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Former model, dancer, and actor Avriel Epps, better known as King avriel, appears to have found her calling and focus with debut album Thesis. The LP showcases her willowy delivery, thought-provoking lyrics, and production that accentuates both using electronic and traditional R&B elements. To sum it all up, the girl is the entire package being just one radio-friendly song away from major mainstream attention. Stream the entire album below and find the accompanying booklet to “deepin the thesis experience”.