Photo Recap: The Beths and Girl Friday at The HI-FI

Photos by Doug Fellegy

The Beths
, a New Zealand four-piece, play guitar-driven garage rock like four best friends who need nothing more than each other to have the best time. Their latest US release,
Future Me Hates Me, ripples with mid-20s ennui while practically bursting at the seams with joyous sun-lit guitar solos. The Beths are a band that sound good in your headphones, but even better in person.

Girl Friday kicked off the night with songs from Fashion Conman, their newest EP released late last month. The crowd vigorously nodded along as the band flew through their set, each song bringing out another round of fist pumps and hell-yeahs. Be sure to catch these two throughout the rest of their summer tour.



The Beths


Girl Friday




Photo Recap: The National and Courtney Barnett at WRSP

Summer concert season rarely brings a double-header as powerful as The National and Courtney Barnett through town, but White River State Park hosted just such an evening. The National played a set list of old favorites and picks from their latest album, I Am Easy To Find, full of dry wit and everyman ethos. Courtney Barnett opened the evening brimming with energy, each song building guitars and drums and shouts like a tornado about to touch down. She played her newest single, Everybody Here Hates You, as well as a mix of her previous releases. If you can see them together later on this summer, don’t miss out on that opportunity.


The National 


Courtney Barnett


Photos by Doug Fellegy

Photo Recap: Pedro The Lion and John Vanderslice at The HI-FI

Indie vanguards Pedro The Lion and John Vanderslice recently played to a packed house at The HI-FI in Fountain Square. Touring behind their latest records, Phoenix and The Cedars respectively, both acts brought a passion to their sets that made the room feel like more of a family gathering than a concert hall.

Although David Bazan has been on solo tours throughout the past few years, this latest record features a reunited and re-energized Pedro The Lion. The band sounded as if the hiatus was merely a blip as they ripped through new tracks from Phoenix as well as much-loved material from earlier in their catalog. 

John Vanderslice was similarly well-received by a swarm of fans. In between songs, Vanderslice even participated in a brief Q&A session by pulling questions out of a pint glass and charming the crowd. His voice pierced the small talk of the club, bringing those just walking in and unfamiliar with his sound into a pack in front of the stage, excited to hear more.


Pedro The Lion


John Vanderslice



Photos by Doug Fellegy

Photo Recap: Stella Donnelly and Faye Webster at The Bishop

Two of the most pure voices currently in music, Stella Donnelly and Faye Webster, played sets to an awestruck crowd at The Bishop in Bloomington last week.  Fans were treated to an uncompromisingly joyful evening of songs from their latest releases, Beware of the Dogs and Atlanta Millionaires Club, respectively.


Stella Donnelly


Faye Webster


Photos by Doug Fellegy

Photo Recap: Kikagaku Moyo and Art Feynman at The HI-FI

Recently, a crowd at The HI-FI was able to witness the blissful psychedelic folk of Kikagaku Moyo. The Tokyo-based five piece performed to a large crowd of curious ears, swimming through a catalog full of dreamy vocals and experimental prog-tinged arrangements. Masana Temples, the band’s latest album, features a healthy mix of exploration while retaining a fiery sense of urgency, i.e. the transition between the literal forest thunderstorm break on the track “Amayadori” that unfurls into the fuzzed-out push of “Gatherings.” In short: the people who knew what they were in for were thrilled while the uninitiated were converted.

The evening began with a set from Art Feynmen, the latest solo project from the former Here We Go Magic frontman Luke Temple. This iteration finds Temple’s soothing voice bopping through Eno-filtered krautrock, building up precise rhythmic patterns and then suddenly breaking free thanks to a peripheral keyboard line that strikes out on its own. This sound is clearly distanced from the airy folk of Temple’s past but the heart of his music remains the same, and that’s never a bad thing with an artist of this caliber.


Kikagaku Moyo


Art Feynman 


Photos by Doug Fellegy

Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Kevin Krauter Instore at LUNA music

Kevin Krauter‘s latest release, Toss Up, out on Bayonet Records is an in house favorite from 2018 around here. Back last summer, Krauter stopped by LUNA music to play an instore set before heading out on tour.



The instore performance also included tracks from Changes, Krauter’s first solo excursion. Live versions of songs like “Shadow Boxing” and “Cowboy Chloe” feature Krauter’s delicate vocals layered over soothingly minimalist guitar arrangements, offering a deeper and more focused take on his work. It’s a sound that gets more and more rewarding with each listen.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Kevin Krauter at LUNA music

Every year Indianapolis throws down for Record Store Day and every year our LaundroMatinee crew assemble to capture the sights and the sounds. Our next release from that day at LUNA music is from Kevin Krauter, a favorite son amongst Indy’s local music scene. Formerly a member of the celebrated Bloomington band, Hoops, Krauter’s solo releases have reveled in a hazy glimmer that currently find him touring the UK. Relive a highlight from his set below, and check back next week for an extended instore performance.